Maayong Buntag Dumaguete: Walk Of Hope (WOH) at the Steemit Negros Meet-Up

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The Walk of Hope ( WOH) kick off happened this 31st of March 2018 and I knew from the start that I will be guided and blessed in this journey. I was fortunate enough to be assisted by an Airport Officer who was able to identify the djembes while I was checking in. We started to converse about the Project WOH and he was very kind to help me repack my luggages as I have exceeded my baggage allowance. The djembes were even wrapped and labelled properly. Satibay sa tulong, Sir Tatum Castro and his Team. See you again.




I have reached the Sibulan airport via air transport which I guess is the fastest way to get to Dumaguete City from Manila . Thanks to my friends from Espasyo and YAKAL for allowing me to nestle my luggage ( and they have been batches by batches) from Vigan to Manila. Satibay at kampai mga ka TC!


But it was not one easy breezy way of getting the mid day flight off to “The City of Gentle People”. I was the last passenger who boarded the plane. I had to run across gates and I will always remember gate 120. The flight crew kept paging my name and as I arrived, doors were shut and off did the plane went. Was I the cause of delay? Not so. I was just the last one to board.



I have learned that Dumaguete is the capital city of Negros Oriental in Region 7. Often known as the University Town, it is rich in its history of academic institutions. Satibay @bobiecayao as you have welcomed me for the first steemit philippines team meet-up in Negros.


I was able to rest and prepare things I would be sharing for the meet up. And on our way to the Bethetl Guest House, I met a progressive collective of fellow musicians and artists at the bay side. Throughout the conversation, it was amazing to learn they knew of Makatang Singkit even if none of them is connected to me in any of the social media . I wonder how they were able to read my poems. I hope to write more poetry and do free verses with them sometime soon.


During the meet-up , I shared the objectives of the Walk Of Hope (WOH) which started from my Art Journey way back 2012. Now on its continuation and fruition, with longer engagements through steem-itph nationwide, we will enrich lives through the arts. Furthermore, fellow artists in every field can express their passion and promote their culture by utilizing this platform.

Aside from the Talks, I introduced the Faglung, a lute 2- stringed guitar which has been a collaborative work by yours truly and Tatay Domeng , a member of the B'laan tribe from South Cotabato. This is a combination of wood from Cotabato and San Vicente, Ilocos Sur.

Photo credit to bobiecayao/

But my greatest take home that night is the fact that in every steemit philippines meet-up, it is really a big avenue for learning , an opportunity to exchange and be one with the community.

Photo credit to bobiecayao/

On Easter Sunday, we had a quick walking tour of the city with @jezmacher and @bobiecayao. I had a great experience which captured my attention during breakfast. What was it? It was the sticky rice locals call " puto". Not the ordinary puffed puto in Luzon we're all familiar with, but here, imagine a "suman" . Thus, the Puto in Dumaguete is served in rice form and you can pour hot chocolate syrup on it . A very different breakfast experience, indeed!




We continued down the plaza, saw the bell towers and at the hotel roof deck , I had a bird's eye view of the famous Dumaguete Boulevard




Dumaguete was a good start for this leg of Walk of Hope ( WOH) . It was a short yet beautiful experience that I will cherish and will soon explore for more. I will come back to her again. Now, I'm off to the next destination via land transportation. Let's visit the very culturally rich Bayawan City where we will reconnect with Tatay Dagsa, the bamboos and the alternative lifestyle learning we would experience from the community.

Oppo F5 was used for the Photos taken by the author/



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Dumaguete was indeed a good way to start Walk of Hope. You are truly an inspiring artist @flabbergast-art. Your post will receive 100% upvote from this account, upvotes from SteemPH Manila & SteemPH curators
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Maayong buntag steemph. Manila satibay in your support to this journey

Tatum Castro and @pjmisa were the answer to our prayers...those instruments needed to be onboard.


Glad to help. Just tell me where I can send the stuff :)


Dunno how long sya sa Bayawan City kuya..then off to Bacolod sya. Gets naten sige. Thanks ulet! Imma


I will be conducting art and music workshop on 24-25th of april here in bayawan


Satibay sir pjmisa maayong buntag sa imo...