Tolong Nuevo Welcomes Walk Of Hope ( WOH ) 2018

3년 전

I left Dumaguete by noon and via four ( 4) hours of bus ride , arrived in the late afternnon at the "Character City" , " Healthy City" and considered as " one of the Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the Philippines" . Can you guess where Walk of Hope ( WOH) 2018 has now been welcomed to? Welcome to the " Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental" - Bayawan City.


Arriving a day early than expected, I was instructed to ring Sir Jude Atelanio Cabangal, Bayawan's Department Head from BAMBU GUOD and The Culture and Arts Council once I arrive in the bus terminal instead of my host , Tatay Filcon Dumat-Ol Rivera a.k.a tatay Dagsa picking me up. Tatay was on a pilgrimage and did not know I will be arriving that Thursday. Sir Jude welcomed me and he was on his bamboo bike. He was not expecting the tons of luggages I were with. Good thing there were pedicabs around- two ( 2 ) pedicabs going to Tatay Dagsa's place. It's not just an ordinary residence because this place is called Tatay Dagsa's Alternative Lifestyle Institute along the coastal highway. I was greeted by this magnificent sight. One to behold. Very enchanting.



Nanay Conrada, Tatay Dagsa's 83 yr old grandmother, invited me to come inside their humble abode. I settled my luggages while Sir Jude and I went to nearby Dawani to meet Tatay Dagsa. Jude was on his bike while I rode the "potpot", a trike powered by a driver's feet far from a "pedicab"- a trike powered by a motorcycle.


A simple warm embrace could not suffice how joyful Tatay and I both were upon seeing each other. The last time Tatay Dagsa and I were together was at one of my gigs in Bonifacio Global City ( BGC), Manila where he also performed and jammed with my group Tribu Alinaga. It has been a year or so. But more than any other bond, I am very happy to be at his hometown. We both walked back home and decided to spend some more catch up time at the Bayawan Boulevard, watching the sunset, setting a bonfire, capping the night off with the Faglung and the guitar played.


The following day, I was introduced to a group of six bikers. We rode the Bambu Bike , a bamboo bike Bayawan has been producing locally for years . We were going to Malabuga. There we biked for an hour , riding on a very steep path with running water from the Niludhan Falls. There were narrow muddy areas. I could say this was my first ever challenging bike trail. We left the bikes while one of our friends climbed the coconut tree and fed us with it. Truly, we were rehydrated and pumped up. Natural Coco water break.




As we continue trekking, I was arming myself with mindfulness. I was able to reflect on things and how grateful I am to reach the HabHaban Cave. The water inside was chest dip. Our group held hands inside the cave and started meditating . I could feel so much serenity and I could say there is something magical abouth the cave. There was a very different energy field which welcomed us inside. There were total darkness and total silence. After 15 to 20 minutes, we opened our waterproof flashlights and started looking for our *"spots" *to continue to our individual meditation.



As we went back to the City, I felt more rejuvenised and revitalized more than ever. This energy made me more eager and enthusiastic to face more days to spend here in Bayawan even for a short period of time.

Early morning, was having coffee with Sir Nick Elenia, the author of Light Bearer. He who works for the Municipality. He arranged my interview for their *SABURAN *monthly local paper and radio station. I was able to share more about The Walk Of hope Project and also encouraged them on how Steemit Philippines can be utilized as a platform by the creative people of Bayawan. I was also able to visit the area and the school involved in the scheduled bamboo planting.






Another meeting was held that night with the different groups under the umbrella organization called Bayaw Ani Collective. This includes DALI Dagsa, DAWANI , GUOD and more. But this was not just an ordinary meeting because it truly replenished my body and soul hearing updates from each of the leaders I may consider elders. There was a part they call " checking in" It is a system of narrating your reality check- struggles for the past week, how it was triumphed at and moving forward . I was asked to share and I mentioned how I prepared for Walk Of Hope (WOH) 2018 from inception and from my art journey to how happy , grateful and blessed I am to be with them victoriously. It was a very spiritual gathering and meting of the minds as our bodies were served with vegetarian food and coco cider.


Given my limited stay, the Collective arranged and prioritized my activities for Bayawan. I was told to have a lecture demo at the Amphitheater on Friday night and a workshop at the center of the Pangunay Market. It's like their Market Day every Saturday in Bayawan Boulevard.

In preparation for all these, after that morning ocular at the area where we will plant the bamboos together with the students of Atelano B. Cabangan Memorial HIghSchool , I asked if I could be allowed to harvest bamboos to craft additional instruments. The Collective granted my request and so I was able to produce the bamboo made didjeridoo, pairs of tongatong , bungkaka, side flute, sakuhachi, bamboo sticks and more.








Truly I may say, I am all set for the first Sabayang Pagtugtog on Friday- more than ever.


Oppo F5 was used for the Photos taken by the author



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