Things I am Most Thankful for in Steemit More than the Monetary Rewards

3년 전

If I begin telling you that the monetary reward was not the initial reason why I joined Steemit, I will be lying. As time went by and I develop further understanding of what Steemit is about, my view of what I love about the flatform changed. This post intends to share my experience as a newbie, how I was motivated to join by the monetary rewards, and why I stayed for other forms of (better than money) rewards.

  • First in my list of things I am thankful for in Steemit is the improvement this brought to my wife @dandalion. While I was busy trying to grow in my chosen field, @dandalion had to give up her own career. We madevthe decision that she will dedicate her time and energy to ensure that our kids will grow to be healthy, kind, and excellent individuals. I firmly believe that she is way better than me in many things. While I believe that she is quite successful in taking care of our family, I also know that she feels there are many things she could have accomplished, and can accomplish still have she stayed working. She found a new way of sharing her skills, and be recognized for them in Steemit. She pours her heart out in sharing well researched and well written articles, that are way better than mine. She is getting more followers, and supporters by the day, and I am very grateful for that.

Pictures of @dandalion and Our Family






We have decided to continuously increase our stake in Steemit, both in improving our writing skills and by investment. Since July, we have already invested $200, with about $1200 worth of bitcoins we are setting aside for Steemit. We will continue to invest here for two reasons; to say our thanks by giving our contribution to the ecosystem, and second because we believe in the technology and the vision of Steemit Inc.

@dandalion's Profile in Steemit

danda's profile.JPG

  • The second in the list of things I am thankful for in Steemit is having met good friends in the Steemit Philippines discord channel. Visit us by clicking the picture below to get to know us more.

Visit Us in (Steemit Philippines) by Clicking the Picture Below


  • The third one is really close to my heart, I've been helping organize charity event for quite a long time now. I have shared some of our events and projects here in steemit. We have so far raised $25 for the next event. Not a very big amount, but something I am deeply thankful for. Our most recent experience in trying to help is meeting @crytopie. The experience is far from organizing charity events, this one is personal and with friendship involved. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped and are continuously helping him. We have so far raised $100 that we will personally hand to him by the start of October, including all of what I will make in all posts till the end of September. Here are a couple of pictures from our visit to @cryptopie.

Pictures from Our Visit to @cryptopie



Thank you for reading and I hope I have inspired you to appreciate the many other rewards we get to enjoy in Steemit other than the monetary one.

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Very true, steemit brings out the best in you, its not always about the money but the value you put into it. Steemit has great potential and I believe we are in the frontline of big changes that are going to happen not only in social media but to way of life itself

Thanks for the post, @steemph! I think everyone is here on Steem hoping to earn a little cash; it's a powerful incentive that deserves respect.

However, our interaction here don't have to be entirely about profit. your actions are proof positive that providing for others through charitable works and by the advent of community can be equally if not more important than the promise of renumeration.

I was happy to see that you and Dandelion visited @crytopie: what a nice surprise that was to see your pictures together. We all have to earn a living, but it's the love and support that we give to each other along the way that defines our success in this life and gives it real meaning.

I have upvoted your post and followed both you AND Dandalion so that I can see and support your future posts. Please feel free to follow me back.

Good luck on Steem and enjoy your journey!


Thanks for your support @braveboat. I followed you back. Thanks for really taking interest in my post. I can see you are really engaging authors with your relevant comments. That's the way to go. I am sure you'll be

Great job for you and your wife


Thanks for your support @mitchelle. I sure hope you are enjoying your time in Steemit yourself.

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Thanks for sharing...


Thank you too for reading.

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<3 you steemit power couple :P

Beautiful family! Ty for all your help for @cryptopie

Wonderful blog. After I read your post it comes to me to think of investing in steemit too.


Hey @cejero021 thanks for reading my post. Please note that this is not a financial advise and that I am not qualified to give such. We made the decision to invest based on our belief in the platform, if you feel the same


Still, ​it's worth trying I think

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I will just ask God to repay you but I know even if I won't he indeed will in ways that we do not know. God bless you ad your family @seemitph

I just found @cryptopie today on steemit and am getting to know him through posts, then I found yours. Your family seems so genuine and loving, and I am happy to meet you as well. Followed you @steemitph, and upvoted your post. God Bless.