Back to normal - Change in resteem feature

3년 전

It happened few hours ago already but I couldn't write it down sooner but all our features are back on line!
Thanks to SteemSQL's @arcange and my colleague @cedricguillas promptitude to fix the issue, the features were back online less than 24h after the problem.

One minor change

The problem was caused by the new Resteem feature that was very heavy on the SteemSQL database, since it was calculated for every post when on a Blog page, Trending page, etc.

To fix this issue, we made the resteem indicator available only inside a post page. It should be convenient enough anyways.

A big thank you for all your kind messages on the last post =)


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I think that steem-plus is very useful browser extension !!! Thank you !!!

thank you very much for the information and help

Oh thanks a lot. We appreciate your work here on steemit. It is a very useful extension.

Glad to hear this that problems solved. I like Steem-Plus browser extension very much.

Thanks for the features!It's been helpful!

This is totally alright. Mostly this feature is useful for personal use, so anyone want to see how much resteem a post get, he/she can check from his/her own post inside. So no need to show it from trending page, new page etc. Best of Luck :)

It's been helpful!