Why 500 Steem Power is a MAJOR Milestone!

2년 전

Your Steem Power matters, not only for you but for your followers and the Steemit community as well.

Steem Power and Reputation are two indicators of the health of a Steemit account. Even though we all see accounts that seem to manipulate the system, most of will have to put in time, effort, and/or money in order to increase an account's Reputation and Steem Power. (Don't expect an overnight success story unless you have already built up a large audience on another platform.)

When I look at someone Steem Power Total, I am trying to determine a person's commitment to Steem and Steemit in the present and make a prediction about where someone is heading in the future.


Types of Steemit Users

Check out this case examples:

New User

When a new user joins our community it is hard to predict where he or she might end up, but it is easy to tell what he or she has been doing. Healthy signs of a new user are increasing reputation, engaging comments, and an increasing Steem Power total. Listen to me closely new user! Being successful on Steemit is hard work. Don't give up. Keep pressing forward and keep Steeming!

Only Social

Some people do a great job of building relationships, but they do not have a long-term commitment to Steem or the Steemit community. And to be honest that is OK! We all come to Steemit for different reasons. This person does a great job of writing comments but does not have the ability to significantly support other people through upvotes, because his or her Steem Power level is not growing.

Only Financial

Some people come to Steemit only for the money. They have invested in large amounts of money to buy Steem Power, and they are looking for ways to get a return on their investment. If you check out their reputation level, they are still only at 25. They have never written a post, a comment, or a reply. Often times the owners of these accounts are very generous, but it is clear that they come looking for you because you have very little knowledge of what makes them tick.

Heading Out

For whatever reason, some people need to walk away from their Steemit account and so they start to power down. Powering down can be an indicator of leaving the community or transferring emphasis towards another Steemit account or project. If someone is leaving Steemit, it is probably not the best idea to focus a lot of time and effort into that account.

Heading Up

People who are heading up are committed to Steemit, our community, and relationships/knowledge we share. People who are heading up are laboring to build their Reputation and Steem Power. It does not mean that they will not take some of their earnings and use them for other reasons, but you will be able to see an overall engagement with their account via comments, posts, increased reputation, and increased Steem Power.

So why is 500 Steem Power a MAJOR Milestone?

An account with 500 Steem Power or more has shown COMMITMENT to our community through building relationships, making financial investments, or both. I personally appreciate people who are willing to put in the time and effort neccesary to accomplish something great.

You cannot get to 500 Steem Power without making an effort.

And I am not the only one who thinks that 500 Steem Power is special.

  • When you reach about 500 SP, Steemit gives you access to the Vote Slider.
  • There are subcommunities with Steemit that help support members of our community, but they often have requirements for their members. Some subcommunities require 500 or more Steem Power to join.

Final Thoughts

I want to support people who have joined our community for the right reasons.

We all look down on spammers and scammers and we look up to those who are committed. Your Steem Power total is an indicator of your commitment (whether you like it or not). Again we all come to the table with different needs and desires. I do not fault you for that, and I hope that you won't fault me either.

But there is something special when we all are committed to growing together and as a community.

Whether you have been on Steemit for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year, I highly recommend that you make a few Steemit goals. Make some goals that will challenge you over the next few weeks and months. Challenge yourself to raise your reputation level one point or increase your Steem Power by 50SP. And when you reach that goal then make a new one.

Keep pressings forward friends and keep Steeming!


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/climbing-to-the-top-mountaineering-2125148/

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Lately, I've been trying to figure out different users motivations as @ginabot alerts me to some strange accounts following me. This, helps clarify and organize them.

I've set some Steemit goals that are due for a re-assessment. I focused on raising my reputation score every day, but not as much on SP just because it seems to climb so slowly. Even the 50SP goal seems so far off!


Ginabot is a great resource. I have been using it for the last few weeks and appreciate the information I receive.

Goals are important. You are fully aware of that as a coach. Keep working on your reputation score. I wanted to let you know that increasing your reputation score becomes increasingly difficult. When you first start on Steemit you can jump from 25 to 40 fairly quickly. But then you will notice a slowdown (at least that is my experience). That is why we do not see many people with 70+ reputation scores.

I had to fight the urge when I first started Steemit to use my earnings. At that time I reinvested all of my earning back into Steem Power. And then I realized that I believe in Steem so much that I wanted to invest some outside money as well.

Steem Power is important because it gives you a chance to help others which in turn increases your voice.

Keep pressing forward and keep Steeming!


Originally, I thought that I wanted to be able to someday say that I was able to earn rewards without ever putting money in because everyone is so cynical when you tell them about Steemit. But, maybe I should rethink that.


When I put some money into it I had a new level of commitment. I am still all about letting my content earn, but I have a new appreciation for the community. I have more in so I expect more of myself and other people.

Everyone comes to the table with different needs and goals. I have no problem with someone who grows only from earnings, nor am I concerned about someone who buys there steem power and never posts. We need both!

Great summary about the importance of making those goals. I have been making small monthly goals of what I want to achieve on Steemit. This month will be to reach a reputation level of 50 and grow my SP to over 100.

Reaching 500SP is a major milestone but I always try to celebrate the mini milestones along the way

Thanks for your post!


Keep making those smaller monthly goals. They will definitely help you reach your long-term goals. Keep celebrating the mini milestones.

Nice post. I like how you broke down the different kinds of accounts.

Yes, I think there is something significant about 500 SP. Like you said, you get the slider and access to some support groups. It is also a psychological marker where you may start to feel less like a novice.

Obviously there is a lot of room to grow above 500, but before that point it is harder to think about supporting people newer than yourself. I've donated to a couple of projects before, but I had so little to give that it was mostly just the thought that count. At 500 SP, you could start to make a difference. It feels so far away though.

Nice to see that my growth has been somewhat exponential. Here is to hoping for continued growth!


Thanks for stopping by. I agree that there is something special about the 500SP mark. I course I want to keep climbing.

Congrats on the exponential growth. And you have touched on the importanace of giving back. I always enjoy watching how people give back as thye they grow in and with our community.

  ·  2년 전

Great post and explanation. I'm still learning about Steem Power and what it means exactly, but I hope to reach 500 one day! haha I will keep going ;) Keep up the good work :)


If you keep pressing forward I am confident you will reach 500SP. Steem Power is important because it impacts how much of a vote you can give to other people.

Thanks for the comment and kind words.

Excellent article. I was wondering why the vote slider popped up for me all of the sudden...now i know! I agree that it's a milestone, thanks for sharing!


Congrats on reaching 500SP. That is huge!

When you reach 500 SP you become a minnow! I am almost there, all organically. It does feel like a milestone I am approaching. However, I cannot wait to be at 5000 SP and have a fat upvote and say in the community as a dolphin, cuz, what can i say, im ambitious!


You can do it! My next major milestone is 5000SP. I am still a long ways off, but I am working towards that goal.

I am shooting for 2000SP first then will readjust after that.

I'm that newbie! Yes, it's hard, but it's also a great learning experience. I like your idea of making some goals for myself. I think your idea of 50 SP is a good start. I dream of the day when I get my very own vote slider :)


@tamala, keep pressing forward. You will be able to accomplish your goals with some time and effort. We all started as a newbie. I promise that you will learn a lot along the way. It is a great journey!

Hi hi again this article give me more clear picture of how to be involved in this incredible community. thank my friend @sumatranate



You are doing a great job of connecting with people. Once you build up more Steem Power you will be able to bless others even more. Keep Steeming!

the idea of breaking down types of accounts is great!. Keep it going!


Thanks for the comment and kind words. I will try to keep providing content that is applicable to our lives both on and off of Steemit.

Great post! I'm working towards 500 SP.


500SP is a great goal. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you stopping by!

Perfect photo!


It is not mine. I often use Pixabay photos. Please see the image source reference at the bottom of my post. I did however think that it represented our climb to 500 SP and beyond.

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You got a 80.73% upvote from @upboater courtesy of @sumatranate!

I'm just a little over 500 Steem Power. I think your assessment in your article is spot on.