I Got a Pembroke Welsh Sable Corgi for my Birthday!

3년 전

Alright, guys here's the deal. I haven't really been traveling around the world for the last 7 months. I've been grounded in the Pacific Northwest for the time is working on a tech contract to replenish my funds that have been depleted from constant travel. Don't get me wrong, travel is cheap, and could have continued traveling for years on end. But, I needed a break and time to work on this blog more (I have so many stories and content to share!).

I know I don't write a lot about my private life often and prefer instead to share with you my personal adventures. A lot has happened when I got back to the States. One big thing that has happened is that I got married. I met my now wife during my travels in Eastern Europe. Someday I will write about that and share with you but that's not the subject of this story.

This article covers another big news.

I Got a Pup Sable Corgi for my Birthday!

Sable Corgi Lucky
Okay so he loves to dress up cool like his daddy

Yes, my wife got me a Sable Corgi Pup for my Birthday :)

We named him Lucky. Lucky the Corgi.


Lucky is not your common everyday red corgi. He's the last pup of the litter that wasn't sold (yet) from a breeder in Centralia, Washington. He's lucky because it was destiny that he would be ours. My wife and I had a long search for a breeder in Washington State and almost always most of them had a waiting list for their upcoming pups. We were working to get Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a breeder in Omak but she gave us the run around that eventually led us to Lucky's breeder.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Lucky the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We got lucky with lucky. Get it?

Alright, so who's lucky? Lucky is a Welsh Corgi. A dog breed that's closely related to the Siberian Husky but has very short (but cute) little stubby legs. Lucky in particular is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The other breed amongst the Corgi line is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Corgi literally means "Dwarf Dog" coming from the Welsh words Cor (meaning dwarf) and Gi (meaning dog). Corgis are an ancient breed probably brought over by the invading Vikings when they started to settle as farmers on the British Isles.

The farmers used Corgis to herd cattle and so lucky for us, is Lucky's tendency to exhibit this trait. He would constantly chase us around the park barking and nibble at our ankle, heels, and toes. Yes, the little punk gets away with so much it's a crime. My wife and I on some occasions get several scratches from his play herding. He gets away with it because he's lucky to be loved by us.

Pembroke Welsh Sable Corgi Lucky
Lucky loves to nibble on ankles and heels

Lucky is turning out to be a Sable Corgi. We first thought he was going to be the common red & white Corgi. For about a week, it appeared like he wasn't going to be sable but then he matured a little and started to exhibit some characteristics of a Cable Corgi with black lines and accents throughout his face. We did some further research and we found out that Sable Corgis are the rare shade of the breed.

Lucky the Sable Corgi loves to play in the snow
Lucky the Sable Corgi loves to play in the snow

Lucky belongs to a traveling family and in the few weeks that we've had him he's been us to nearly all the corners of Washington State. He loves to play bite and chase us around the house so, for now, we have him gated in our kitchen. When go out camping he sleeps fine inside the tent but he would occasionally wake us up by licking the bejeesus out our faces.

He loves people and just about every dogs he comes to contact with. We once took him out for a walk in the Seattle Pier's Boardwalk on a busy day and boy was that a mistake. Every human, child, mother, daughters, and dudes would stop us on our tracks and ask if they could say "Hi" to Lucky. The poor guy gets constant Cat Calls from everyone he passes with whistles of "Oh how cute!" and "OMG is that a Corgi pup?"

Lucky the Sable Corgi loves to play in the snow
Lucky loves the attention

We had one lady running towards us and practically mauled little Lucky with kisses and hugs. We had to keep a close eye on him for fear that he might get kidnapped!

Lucky is an effin' chick magnet. If I wasn't married I'd be one happy single dude. Chicks come running up to me just to say hi to Lucky. He's the perfect icebreaker. I don't even have to approach first or come up with a cheesy opening line. Hell, I don't even need to showcase my Ninja skills. No, Lucky is all the luck I need and guess what? I'd be getting lucky every night!

This dude is a massive chick magnet

Okay, so let me get off my fantasy before my wife kills me. All jokes aside, I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful wife who would give me Lucky as a present. I couldn't be more happy to have this little guy as a part of my family. He's lucky because he sure is going to be one of the most well-traveled dogs in the world.


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awww cute

AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

He's adorable! And, you're both lucky!! LOL!!

I'm in love with your dog ;- )
Such a cutie.
And while I'm writing that, honestly, my cat comes to give me a cuddle while I'm typing .... really !

So congratulate with this lovely little dog and your marriage !!

Aw!!! Lucky is absolutely gorgeous ❤ Give him a little cwtch from me from one welsh speaker to another ;)

Congratulations on marrying aucha thoughtful generous wife, and i hope the three of you have a wonderful time travelling all over together. I look forward to reading your adventures. E x

That is cute as can be... and trouble with a capital "T!" Had a Pembroke for 14 years and she was a marvelous dog... and stubborn as heck, willful and totally ruled by her stomach. Have fun... I know you will!


I love your new baby already.
In that one shot he looks like trouble.
Enjoy your time.


Indeed, lots of trouble this one ))


Oh I know .. lol
you will love him all the more
impossible to resist

Owning a dog means a lot of responsibility. Some people get dog for a birthday and later lose interest and throw dog away. Be nice to your dog, he loves you too.

I thought Pomeranian dogs were cute. Forget Pomeranians.


Well they're cute too, but I had to go with a Corgi because they're on the top 10 smartest dog breeds...But I wonder about Lucky sometimes!

I love pets. I congratulate you because giving love to a puppy is the wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing this spectacular story. Congratulations.

Omg!! The little one is so adorable! ♥️
May both of you have great times together! 😃

I hope you love and enjoy your corgi. That's my girlfriends absolute favorite dog.

Awwww how cute!! I love this story and Lucky's name, can't wait to see more!


I'm sure you'll see more of him as he grows up and as he tears through our place more lol


Hahaha ! Good can't wait!

As a seasoned pro photographer for many many years... all I can say is "Your photos are amazing!" Even your lighting is superb. Well done @adonisabril. Cheers @KrisQ


What a lovely little dog! @adonisabril, I mentioned this post in my last post.

I've been wanting to get a corgi. I had a rat terrier for 16 years and she died last year. I'm slowly healing from my loss and now I'm thinking about getting another dog and I really am considering a "gorgi". Thanks for writing about Lucky.

I like this animal. Because they are cute and happy.

Would look for it if I can get one 😍😍

I like doge . And awesome photo click.

So cute, adorable....

Aww!! such Pomeranian dogs cutest in all time

Soo cute,i love dogs <3

Lucky is lucky to have lucky parents like you..
I wish your relationship with Lucky gets even sweeter..

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ohh very cute n adorable pup and click was awesome

Beautiful pup and happy birthday 🎁

Wow......nice puppy and you are amezing

No way, my sister will be sooooo jealous.

  ·  3년 전

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Those cute little short legs ughhh <3

oh por dios que ternurita tan bella

Lucky is a beautiful dog. He is so lucky you are his parents

You have cute corgi. 😊

You have so nice gift on your birthday. Here is another for you. d248d59954bb644e4437cce1758a9ce2.jpg

Damnn, cuteness overload. Have fun with him!

you really are a great person with your amazing journey can be benefited from your story, I really like to read your post, can we be friends?

Congrats! Corgi is am amazing toy breed

Happy married life I hope u will enjoy a life with ur wife, I hope u will enjoy traveling with ur family

I really enjoy your post content,
your post is very interesting ,
Success always

Lucky he is adorable*****

I just showed this to my boyfriend, he promises to get me a corgi and I am going to name him Lucky. Thank you :)

lol, that thing is adorable @adonisabril

So Cutie... Love your baby specially his color... Enjoy your precious time with him.

This is one beautiful dog!♥️

Your dog is so cute! You love your dog so much! I admire you very much! Give love to more animals! Dogs are animals loyal to humans! Let's cherish it

Omg little doggo is super adorable 😍😍😍

Wow!! Too beautiful photography.... The puppy is very cute....
Thanks for sharing @adonisabril...

Always remember,animals are not toys there are a huge responsibility.

Oh, what a sweet Laki, just lovely ...
A wonderful gift that will be your friend ...
I congratulate you on the wedding and on your birthday!
Great post!

cute puppy.

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Age of that pet ?


Man I love Corgis and your photos are awesome. Also good to hear he's a friendly little rascal.

The chick magnetism is completely understandable. If I was wiser in my younger years I would have gotten at least 3 pups since women love 'em like bees love honey! Haha.

Seriously though happy future dog days and salutes from me and my girls 7 year old rascal Ares 😃


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Cute Corgi! I want one. I <3 them

I just fell in love

Love between man and dog is so beautiful . I loves my dogs so much , I missed them so much when I was migrant in Britain for half a year.

Omg¡!!! Awesome pics and better puppy!! I fell totally in love ❤️ lucky you!

Congratulations for the marriage. Beautiful Lucky, he looks so cute, but as you describe him, he's very naughty. You will have a lot of fun.

really beautiful doggie

Corgis are the cooleste dogs ever, and Lucky looks like a happy little puppy. I want one!! :)

Best of luck with your new dog adventure.

Dogs are the best

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Beautiful puppy very good photo thank you greetings

You are lucky that you have Lucky :) But seriously your dog looks very nice and friendly :) Wish you have a lot of fun with Lucky and happy life with your wife ;)

What else could you ask for as a birthday gift.?. I think the best gift. Humans may leave you but this gift will stay with you forever

I trust you cherish and make the most of your corgi

wow awesome Pic you Inspire me in photography

meet my cute cat


Did the breeder train him to model? Haaha. Looks like he should get a calendar gig for sure.
Thanks for sharing such cuteness!

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This is so cute, and so beautiful pics <3 <3 <3

Waoooo so cutieeeeee sweety cat, can I hug your CUTIEE cat..meauuuu so sweet

No doubt Mans best friend

omg! it is so lovely! i hope he bring you lot of happyness