Self-Love Isn't Eating A Pizza And Going To Sleep

4년 전

Nor is it drinking a beer for breakfast and enjoying that intoxication all morning.

Or putting aside your work to party hard for the rest of the night.

Or telling your boss to fuck off just because you hate your job.

Or abandoning everything like right now just to travel the world.

Or skipping your workout because you think you deserve a break.

Or going on a shopping spree to buy random shit you don't need.

Self-love is not self-indulgence. Self-love is a discipline.

Oh, you could cheat once in (a very rare) while, but the minute you're consistently using "self-love" as a bullshit excuse to indulge in unhealthy behavior, then you're just kidding yourself.

Then you're just killing yourself.

Love yourself instead by:

  • Exercising and working out regularly.
  • Taking actual breaks after doing actual work.
  • Reading books so you can gain knowledge and learn cool shit.
  • Meeting and talking to friends.
  • Not making excuses for toxic friends anymore.
  • Not intentionally putting yourself in a position where toxic people are around.
  • Sleeping adequate hours.
  • Focusing on one piece of entertainment only and not using your damn phone.

And so on.

Definitely, you can start to love others.

And they'll love you back.

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