CONTEST! Create a video about @steempress | WINNER of the @Steemhunt Video

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Steempress is arguably one of the Steem Apps that facilitates the most the Steem Blockchain mass adoption process on a next level. It allows outside users who post entries on their Wordpress blog, to connect said blog to the Steam Blockchain and automatically post directly on the chain, by only having to download a plugin on the WP site.

The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about how SteemPress works, what is its purpose, its role on our Blockchain and in your own words, why is SteemPress is one of the best Blockchain DApps out there.

Why is the @steemonboarding team making this @blocktrades sponsored contest?

Easy. We want to feature that video on our website so, people from all over the world can know about SteemPress and its multiple advantages vs a normal Wordpress Blog.

The Steem ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate and the SteemPress DApp is one of the reasons the blockchain is reaching more people every day.

We need a video that we can show our grandma and she can completely understand what is SteemPress, why is it a groundbreaking Dapp, how does it work and every other detail about it.

Create a Video speaking about @SteemPress and win three 75% votes from @Blocktrades

Points to consider for the video tutorial

The video must:

  • Be in english with a good pronunciation and grammar.
  • Not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Include visual aid. The most visually appealing and explicit the video is, the better.

The video must include the next topics:

  • Introduction:
    • What is SteemPress?
    • Points of contact: Website, Steem username, discord etc. Make it very simple, don´t confuse the viewer.
    • Advantages of using SteemPress and connect to the Steem Blockchain versus a normal Blogsite, wether it is Tumblr, Wordpress, or even using our own website. Pros of using SteemPress like Steem rewards, a solid community, learning about the crypto world etc. The more pros you can think of, the better.

  • Body
    • How does SteemPress work? Don´t go too much into detail, but be thorough about the who, how and where can someone start using Steempress. Explain the process of getting Steempress to work on your own personal blog.
    • As a Blogger, what are the main advantages of connecting your personal blog to the Steem Blockchain. Audience, votes, comments, getting to know people who like the same as you etc.
    • Different approaches and potential usage a Steemian can give to SteemPress. What is achievable by using SteemPress?

  • Conclusion:
    • You know SteemPress. Close the video with some of the best arguments you can come up with, to make people start using SteemPress and adopt the Steem Blockchain... if they are not part of the Steem Blockchain, this closing part should encourage them to create an account and start using Steem and it´s different DApps.

Rules for participating

1.- You have until Wednesday April 25th at 11:59 pm PST to submit your video.
2.- The title of your video must be similar to "Tutorial: What is SteemPress? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" or "How does SteemPress work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest. It doesn´t have to be exactly the same as these two, but it has to be similar.
3.- Use the tags "SteemPress", "Blocktrades" and "Blocktradescontest"
4.- Resteem this post.


The videos that follow all the instructions stated here, will receive a small vote from Blocktrades, regardless of the outcome of this contest.

By entering this contest, the Steem User grants the rights of the video submitted to @steemonboarding to use the video for promotional purposes in and outside the Steem Blockchain.

This contest outcome will be judged by the @steemonboarding team and, if applicable, someone from the @steempress team. The winner will be picked depending on the needs of the Steemonboarding Project.

Winner! The Steemhunt video creation contest.

A couple of weeks ago we made a similar contest about Fundition and making a video tutorial, you can check it out here

We want to thank everyone who joined this contest, it was really hard to pick a winner but in the end, there can only be one video featured on the @steemonboarding website.

Congratulations @ivansnz!

The Awesome Pen - How does Steemhunt work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest

The production of your video, or should I say short film, was out of this world. In a very simple and friendly way, your video covered pretty much everything that is to know about @Steemhunt on a basic level, while keeping it interesting and funny for the audience. Please get in touch with me on discord #8455 @anomadsoul to give you those three juicy @blocktrades votes!

Thanks so much everyone for joining this contest and remember...

@blocktrades also runs a Steem Witness. Don´t forget to vote for them here to show them your support!

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okay here is my video submission, no comparison in terms of quality to the winning entry for the @steemhunt contest, that was an awesome submission.

you can video the short tutorial on youtube too

Best of Luck to all the entrants to this contest and thank you for hosting it :-)

I did mess up, first I made a 20 min video tutorial only to notice that the requirement was 5 min max. Free free to also video the longer tutorial on youtube


That is a great tutorial!
I made one of 6 minutes , when i'll edit it , it might be about 5 minutes , but i have't posted it , i wanted to see some others before releasing mine.
I'll work it out early morning.
Have a good day , i also know the contest is over. Good luck!

Damn, I am a Steemhunt Influencer and I totally agree with the win for the SH category. Very Well Deserved @ivansnz

Here's My Entry for the Steempress Contest...!/v/elsiekjay/bxklczy6

Thank you so much guys for choosing my video! i am so happy you like what i've created!
and thanks for hosting this contest and creating the @steemonboarding project, this is precious work for the blockchain!

Congratulations @ivansnz
Thanks to @Steemonboarding, @Coruscate @Anomadsoul.
I never knew the dateline for @Steemhunt contest was quite close. I had prepared my lessons to 70% completion.
Aniway, I will still share even if not for the contest rewards.


thank you! looking foreward to your creation.

Hot dog, I think i will enter this one :-)


Now this is something I'm really looking forward to! Thanks so much Paula :) good luck!


lol I just made a 20 min tutorial only to realize its a 5 min cap. Back to work for me so :-)

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Awesome...Congratulation @ivansnz 👍...

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thanks a lot!

I need this

Congrats @ivansnz... This video was awesome...

Congratulations Man! Its the best trailer!


ha ha ha
your work is valuless chuk 😂😂


😂😂 SteemPress could be it

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no chance for you @chuuuckie :joy:


At least its not like that guy. 😂

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You know the guy, ;) you know what I am reffering to. 😂😂😂

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thanks a lot mate!

DAMN!, thats an awesome Video @ivansnz -


Congrats, you are deserved to win....


thank you so much! im glad you like my work

cool! i'll sit on this and see if i come up with something! a great opportunity... resteemed.

Tried to sum up in few words..hope sounds better. Here is my entry.

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Here is my entry about @steempress.

This it the steemit link :

Here is the @dtube version :

The youtube version :

My entry for the contest:

Thanks and I hope you like it. Since I am traveling and don't have a lot of time I did my best.

Best regards David

I am happy to participate - I have been working on this in my mind since I first saw the post, and it finally all came together.

Here is the explanatory post and here is the youtube video: