Aceh Then and Now (my story )

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When in a former tsunami area, a lot of feelings raged in the chest. sad, touched and happy. especially now the atmosphere is much different from a few years ago


This afternoon my family and I took the time to play in one of the areas worst affected by the 2004 tsunami, which was in one of the districts where I live. The area along the coast is inhabited by many local people who generally work as fishermen


But who would have thought it was now one of the family's tourist destinations, especially young people who spend time in the afternoon fishing. Some others just look around or just capture the beautiful moments along the coast


As time changes, local people's lives are now increasingly prosperous, many buildings along the coast are built for the welfare of fishermen. As in some of the images that I had captured, the fishermen looked happy with the catch they got


In a separate place, a group of young people were also seen having fun playing football. Small and large boats are also seen in and out



Here are some moments that I could capture with a smartphone camera. Hopefully the people's lives here are always happy, far from fear. Especially the tsunami will recur


Thank you all, hopefully this article is useful especially for the writers themselves. Keep your spirits up and don't forget to be happy, let's create original and useful content

Captured taken with OPPO F1plus | © Image & text are my own | Category : Photography | Location : North Aceh-Indonesia.


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