(sunrise) Dreaming as high as the sky

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Logically, everyone is willing to do anything as long as it is achieved whatever he wants


Apart from all that, not everyone can do it, because every human being has limitations. Both in physical, mental and material terms. However, there is no prohibition that everyone has ambitions as high as the sky, as long as they want to try and pray in making it happen


Me, you or us all make no difference. because God does not distinguish from one another. But there is only one thing that makes someone different from others, namely in terms of closeness to God. always carry out orders and stay away from all forms of God's prohibition, that is what distinguishes one person from another


Every time I enjoy the sunrise, I always think that's when all human dreams begin, and will end when the sun sets. That's what happens every day, when the sun rises, that's when all human activities begin, and when it sets, all human activities end


So every day that I went through, I did not dare to dream beautiful, because I was afraid that I would experience disappointment and frustration when all that was not proven. for me beautiful dreams belong only to those who have everything


For poor people like us, farming, gardening and being fishermen are a reality that we must accept, because that is our dream every day


Certainly different from others who have higher education. they certainly always hope to be a government employee or become a teacher, governor or mayor, because it is impossible for them to be farmers, fishermen or planters



That is the logic, but apart from the word logic, it is God who decides everything, God's power above all else. It could be two things above reversed


So, don't be afraid to dream as high as the sky. because God determines everything, as long as you keep praying and trying

Captured taken with OPPO F1plus edited with Snapseed app | © Image & text are my own | Category : SunrisePhotography | Location : North Aceh-Indonesia.


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