Sunset Performance (My Story)

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For years and even centuries, the sea is a stunningly beautiful blue and blue in a vast expanse, even the sea is a field of all hope. The place to enjoy the red soca dusk saga. And where sometimes the meeting of two hearts begins here, on the edge of white sand


2020 @arispranata5 all right reserved

Every evening, many people come here. Some just play with the family, some are deliberately waiting for the sunset. This place is very special for sunset hunters, especially the natural scenery on the coast is very beautiful and natural

Where I capture this moment is the former harbor dock. This port has been visited by large ships both at home and abroad


2020 @arispranata5 all right reserved

The last few days, the atmosphere of the sky was clouded and often rained, it was very influential on the beauty of the sunset. This situation usually does not last long, because when the sky is bright, the color of the sunset is also beautiful reddish

Because this place is far from where I live, I can only visit here every five days or even once a week. When there isn't much work I often visit this place



2020 @arispranata5 all right reserved

Aceh which is famous for its vast ocean, holds many forgotten beauties. I am very grateful to be here by introducing various aspects of our people's lives. Both in terms of customs, culture, food, and so on.

I am glad to know each other, share and respect each other. People from every country have gathered on this blockchain with the same goal. Thank you all friends, I hope this platform will become a unifying tool for us. Regards

Captured taken with OPPO F1plus edited with Snapseed app | © Image & text are my own | Category : SunsetPhotography | Location : North Aceh-Indonesia.


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