My Recycled Craft Closet - Using What You Have Is Rewarding


It's been two years since our last bed bug sighting so I've decided it's time to unpack my craft materials. But what to do with them all?

This past year we've been trying to really limit our waste and recycle where possible so I decided to be patient and find building materials instead of purchasing them.

The bedroom in our rental is huge but the closet has one section that, in my opinion, is a waste of space. As you can see in the "Before" picture it's just a bit too narrow to house a dresser and there are no shelves. I must admit this has been a challenge. I didn't want the weight of the shelves being supported by the drywall so I knew I had to find just the right material to build a basic frame. Being patient paid off. I was able to find an old wooden bed frame and pieces of a particle board shelving unit.

I don't want to bore you with the details but figuring out how to put this puzzle together was kinda fun. It took some creativity but it worked. @shadowspub gave me the little white cupboard and it's perfect for storing all my books and patterns.

Along the top of the cupboard I used three drawers out of an old dressing table to hold paints, glues, sewing notions etc. On the front of the largest drawer I attached a couple of coat hooks to hang embroidery frames and project bags. The green "thing" you can see along the front of the drawers is a purse organizer I sewed several years ago and decided it just wasn't for me. I attached that along the two smaller drawers and it hold zippers, bindings and various other small tools.

The brace for the back of the first shelf has a ton of finishing nails to hold thread, clips, labels, etc. I love how it's turned out. I can see what materials I have available just by opening the closet door.

Kinda funny story: This past week my husband was away on training. I really wanted to sew some small curtains for the shelving unit I'm storing my wool stash in:

I've been keeping my sewing machine under my desk here in the office area and just sewing at my desk. Well, I went to pick it up, my back spazzed , I dropped my sewing machine and peed my pants. It wasn't funny at the time but later my daughter and I had a good laugh. LOL!

SO.. I've set up a small sewing table on the other side of my bedroom. The sewing machine will be living there now. Above the table I've installed a simple shelf to hold Christmas tins that keep my various other crafts organized. I love those tins! They come with goodies and hold memories.

Again, along the edge of the shelf are many more finishing nails to hold my bobbins and threads. I should have done this long ago! It's not "pretty", yet, but it certainly will make my life much easier.

So, for $0.00 cost + my time, I've diverted "junk" from the landfill and given it new life. Recycling isn't just bout saving money, it's about helping our earth.

Until next time friends... GO FORTH AND STEEMIATE!!

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Great use of space and materials
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Recycling, one of my many passions! Thanks for sharing this on #pypt.


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Love this, so much! You did a great job on the organization and a big "KUDOS!" for a no-cost solution! I like your mascot monkey... "Talk nerd to me" 😁 So glad to have you back in PYPT with us! We missed you!


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