UCLM - Solidarity Night 2018

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Shot From EOS Canon 700D

In the past few days. I was really tired and also drained due to the fact that I am still a student and also a part time photographer. Last Saturday was an amazing experience, not just because of the party, but because of the vision and mission or the philosophy/purpose of the event. Solidarity Night means solidifying relationship of each and every student - Masumay Booc says.

In this post, we will not be talking about photography and etc, I want myself to take a break from those photos I just took a few days ago. Right now I want to reflect and tell everyone that there are flaws at the time of the event. Let me tell you that in each event, there is always a Pros and Cons, there is no such thing as perfection. Apparently the event was a success and it turns out to be just fine. I would like to rate it 4.8/5 (LOL This aint SteemHunt)

As far as I am concern - People should not be playing with their drinks in the dance zone, (or whatever that name is). Most party goers at that night were Senior High Schools. As @iqbaladan says that "Generalization is not good by judging others.". I agree, but there are some Students, mostly are from senior high lacks of discipline and morality. There were a lot of students complaining about it, there are also some who had fun because of throwing bottles at random persons.

Not to mention the Pros of the event - They Ultimately had fun, for some - it was a memorable experience because it is their first time joining the event which is probably great memorable experience. Also on my side, it was a great opportunity to be back here again. The Council invited me to document the whole event. (I will be sorry - the video montage will be uploaded this Wednesday or this coming Saturday)

Remember Kids - When Partying, please respect each others spaces. Stop pushing each other because that is part of being an arsehole. If you want to dance, then just dance. If you want to twerk and give your ass to somebody, then go get a room. The purpose of the event was partly gone because of the students unrespectful behaviour. I was a little bit dissapointed, But should we expect more better than this? I don't know - in my own opinion, we should have a culture change.

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I got your point, @chuuuckie. A man should behave like a man, but sometimes, in a party like this, they became out of control. This what we call teen spirit, we can smell it and feel the vibe ;D

Turn that Smell Like Teen Spirit out of loud, Bro.