Food Hunting:Fried Chicken Battle!


Hello, foodies!

Back with me in comparing food, maybe i had already compare ramen, udon, burger or any other things, but this time i would like to compare two of famous fried chicken around the world, they were texas fried chicken (texas) and kentucky fried chicken (kfc).

Both had famous name for their chicken, it was mainly menu in their restaurants. But what made them difference? Here i tried to compare them. I specially come to both places again today.

Outlook battle

Then from the menu
Here was what texas offered

They hanged the menu on their back & also on their cashier table.

While the menu kfc hanged also on the back, and i saw only put next to the cashier, and she didn't offer us the menu.

Then the dining area and ambience

While the texas had a large dining area, kfc only had not that large dining area.



The two outlets of them that i compared were located in the same plaza, but they were located in different floors.

The service

The waiter and waitress served us quickly in texas. We could see the progress of our orders on the large monitor on the left corner of the cashier area.

Look on the top left:

While in kfc, they only served one by one, no queue up number, and no monitor where we could see the progress of our orders.

The taste of food, of course it's the most important thing.

Here what the chicken in texas looked like

They had the spicy (drumstick) and the original (thigh) The spicy one had spicy flavor while the original was crispy on the skin, savory outside and inside. Mom also ordered the crispy chicken and we tried the mashed potato here, which was great. That's why i went there again today, i still couldn't eat well due to my teeth removal operation so i didn't have any choices today. I bought 3 mashed potatoes and also a milo float. I like the savory and smoothness of the potato, but i didn't like the spicy curry. I asked them to separate it today.

The kfc's chicken usually a bit more savory and tasty but this not happened today, they cooked it too dry and not savory. I tried a bit of the chicken and i thought it was not as tasty as it usually, so did the perkedel today. The soup was savory and the mocca float was sweet, but the drink was also not as delicious as it usually.

The price
In texas the package which included 2 chicken, a rice and a drink (you could choose soft drink or lemon tea or jasmine tea), the price was 46,000 IDR (around 3.3 USD) . While my mom was a package included a chicken, a rice and a drink with the potato, it was 38,500 IDR (around 2.75 IDR).

While today, i just bought the potato and milo float iced it was 36,500 IDR.

In KFC, a package called signature box included a rice, a chicken, a soup and a mocca float was 37,000 IDR or around 2.64 USD then mom also bought a perkedel with a price of 7,000 IDR.

I thought the price was so competitive between them. So they had quite equal pricing.

The battle between them was not only the chicken, they also tried to beat the competitor. An example, while kfc had the mocca float, texas had the milo float.

I tried the milo float today

It was milo with ice cream, not too delicious too.

For me, usually i chose kfc for the chicken cause it had tastier and more savory taste, but today i still couldn't eat the chicken yet so i just saw my mom and tried a tiny of it.

Now, the choice is yours, how do you think about their chicken?

Note: I compared between the texas store which was located on the UG floor with the kfc store which was located on the LG floor, all of them were located in Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta.

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