My First Experience in a Surgery, no more!


Hello, friends!

Now my cheeks were swollen. Maybe you ask me why? It is the effect of the surgery, i diagnozed have the impacted teeth, it caused by the growth of my wisdom teeth, all grew unwell, like my dad.

Actually first i knew that these impacted teeth all had grown unwell was about one and a half year ago, i knew that because it was hurt so badly then the dentist found out that it was broken and should be fixed. The dentist said to me that time i should take a panoramic photo of my oral then go to the oral surgeon to get the surgery of the impacted teeth but i disobeyed her.

After one and half year passed and the teeth were annoying, so finally i went to the oral surgeon, it was on September. He asked me to take a panoramic dental to make sure about my teeth condition first and he said to me that everything would be alright and no need to worry about it.

After i had gotten the result, i went again to the surgeon. He said it should be taken off by a surgery, totally anesthetized. That made me a bit nervous cause i have never been anestherized before.

My panoramic

Then after a month passed (cause i had many things to do), i came again to the oral surgeon. He scheduled the time for the surgery and i needed to get a laboratory check up then after i got the result, i should meet the anesthetist to get the fixed surgeon schedule.

The anesthetist was nice, friendly and kind. He read the result, all were good with my health, he explained about anesthesia and i got the fixed schedule of the surgery. I needed to come to be hospitalized on October 27th at 6pm, cause the surgery would be held on October 28th.

Then all went well, except my grandma's health condition, on October 27th i went to the hospital where she is hospitalized.

Get well soon grandma!

While me, i had the surgery in
a small government hospital, but with great doctors and staff. They were all proffesionnal, kind, nice and friendly.

I must fast today for 8 hours before the surgery. From 2am i couldn't eat nor drink, 5am i took a bath, and then 6am the nurse came to infuse me.

The oral surgeon came to visit and talk about the teeth that would be taken off at around 8.30am then at 10 am some nurses delivered me to the surgery room. After bedrest waiting inside (surgery room's waiting room) for the surgery room to be prepared, then the surgeon removed my teeth with my unconscious condition.

Not long after the surgery took place, i then awakened with hurt on my head, like after beating up, i woke up with swollen puffy cheeks and difficult to swallow my saliva. But all were explained well by the surgeon this morning so i was not surprised.

My swollen cheeks

Psst.. before i became laying unconscious, i asked the doctor to save my removed teeth.

Here they were, the source of my oral problem

Now the problem i have is the hurt and difficulty to swallow saliva. It's bad and no more ather surgery for me.

Lucky that i have my mom who always by my side

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Bedah mulut, wuik... Yang dicabut berapa gigi itu? Cepat sembuh ya 😊

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4 gigi, ini masih dirawat inap di RS. makasih doanya

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