What foods should be avoided at night for weight loss

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10 Foods You Avoid Eating at Night

To have a tranquil and serene sleep during the night, there are some foods that should be avoided for dinner. Seldom hunger will always strike at night and we want to eat whatever comes in front of us, particularly when we are tired after having a hectic day at work.

However, we also know that eating wrong at night can do us a lot of harm, such as weight gain or bedtime problems as well. So, to avoid all these troubles, we must carefully choose our evening food menu.

Most importantly, do not consume high protein and carbohydrate foods.

We must know after each meal, our body produces glycogen, which is stored mainly in the cells and muscles of the liver. Glycogen is a type of fuel that our body uses for its proper functioning in the next 8 - 12 hours.

When the glycogen supply runs out, our body looks for another fuel and ends up using our fat [can be thought of another supplement to glycogen] supply in case of an emergency.

The dilemma is that if we eat too much at night or are eating too heavy for dinner, our body since it does not burn calories during sleep will have to store this “excess fuel” in the form of fat. In addition to the risk of sleeping inadequately because of poorly digested food.

Here is the list of 10 foods to avoid at night

Red meat Should be Avoided at Night for Weight Loss:

Firstly, the meat is difficult to digest, and the feeling of a full stomach makes it difficult to sleep. They are difficult to digest and have a higher amount of fat compared to white meat. Secondly, red meat at night can cause apnea, a condition in which lung ventilation stops for about 10 seconds.

Red meat contains amino acid and that makes us more alert than feeling sleepy. Also, after dinner if we do not intend to do any workout, it becomes hard to burn these fatty acids, the best thing to do is to have them during the daytime.

Pizzas & Pasta Are a NO at Night If you Wish to Lose weight:

The whole world loves a pizza, especially at night, on weekends, in front of the tv, when you don't have time to cook. But we should eat it at lunch because both the Pizzas & Pasta are high in fat and hard to digest.

Big NO to Pizza @ Night...

In addition, cheese is also greasy, which can get you those extra pounds added to your body. Try to eat Pizzas & Pasta at lunch so your body has time to burn those extra calories.

No Ice creams at Night:

Oh!! That delicious ice cream and the craving of it. Just the thought of it and our mouth starts watering. Are you one of those who love to comfort yourself with a scoop or two of ice cream right before bed. Then you must know that there is a limit to its soothing properties.

Ice cream is loaded with fat, so if you are consuming it right before bed, you are not giving time to your body to burn that fat before bed. With high levels of sugar in it, your body becomes more pumped up instead of relaxing before bedtime.

Which obviously means that your body gets divergent messages. And to top it all the excess sugar starts getting accumulated in the body and then turns to excess fat.

It is recommended for those who like to eat ice cream at night, after dinner, it is always better to opt for a Popsicle or even an ice cream that does not contain milk, as they are lighter. You can also make your own ice cream at home containing less sugar.

Tomato sauce Must Be Avoided At Night:

Do not eat tomato seasoned dishes for dinner. Although it is rich in vitamin C, iron, lycopene, nevertheless, it is a product that increases the acidity in the stomach.

Therefore, eating it before bedtime, you risk or are calling for trouble during night time, suffering from heartburn and indigestion. Many nutritionists advise eating dishes with tomato paste no later than three hours before bedtime.

Spicy food a BIG NO!!

It is a recommendation by many nutrients that eating intense at night is strongly discouraged.

In addition to the fact that eating spicy foods cause heartburn, causing difficulty while sleeping, it also raises the body temperature and stimulates the nervous system, so you can’t count on a quiet sleep.

Wish to Lose Weight Then NO Soda At Night:

Are you on a weight loss journey? But still unable to stop the craving of having a cane of said right before bed. This can be your biggest enemy when trying to lose weight.

This is nothing new I am telling you soda's provide no nutrients and to top it all it is loaded with empty calories.

No Soda

No Surprises here!! these empty calories pile to make you gain excess weight. Consuming soda right before bed can cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Soda at the same time contains a large amount of sugar and caffeine, which does not contribute to healthy sleep - so avoid Soda as much as possible before bedtime.

Nuts | Dry Fruits:

There is no doubt that nuts like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts are a great source of vitamins and nutrients and are very healthy when consumed in moderation and at the right time.

Although with a heavy dose of nutrients also come in a huge amount of calories. These calories can be very dangerous when consumed late at night or right before hitting the bed.

So when one opts to consume these nuts before bed, he is unable to burn those extra calories as no physical activity is done. When the high calories from these nuts are not used up as energy it is sure to be stored as extra fat in the body.

The best time to have nuts is in the morning before your workout.

Surprise!! Surprise!! Celery Also Should Be Avoided At Night:

Oops!! Does this entry surprise you? Yes!! You read that right celery although very nutritious is a no-no when it comes to eating it at night.

The simple logic behind this is that celery is a natural diuretic, which ideally means that it will make you pee more than usual during your precious sleep nights, which can be pretty disturbing at times.

Celery being a diuretic will elevate the rate of urination as it tends to push out excess water from the system. So that obviously means that if you indulge in too much of celery before bedtime it will wake you up during the night for a toilet break.

Need an uninterrupted sleep better to avoid celery at night.

Cheese Should Be Avoided at Night:

I have a friend who says that whenever he consumes too much cheese at night it gets strange dreams. Have you heard anything like this?

When a person eats a lot of cheese right before going to bed his mind becomes more alert and active instead of becoming calm and quiet.

No Cheese At Night

This happens because hard cheese contains a high amount of amino acid tyramine which tends to make our brain active and alert.

So no matter how much you love to indulge in cheese, just avoid it having it before bedtime as it can interrupt your sleep and may even make it harder for you to fall asleep.

French Fries Will Add Those Extra Fats:

Love those french fries!! Isn't it. No matter where whether you are cooking them at home, or buying it from your favorite restaurants. Having french fries as a snack is fine as it is done in small quantities.

But having it as a before bedtime snack is a big no. Just to let you know that just 139 grams of french fries contain a whopping 427 calories. So the choice is yours!! if you wish to have it at all.

How ever, we would strongly suggest avoiding having french fries especially at night time. Because it is very high in fat and all the deep frying and salt makes it a very unhealthy combination.

The scrumptiousness of it makes us overeat adding all those extra pounds to our otherwise awesome figure.

Not just that these french fries are mostly served with that rich tomato ketchup which means more calories.

Some Useful tips for evening meals Before Bed (EAT IT RIGHT!!):

  • 10 – 15 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of warm water, so you eat less. But do not replace water with juice, it activates the secretion of the stomach. Water can be replaced with tea or milk anything is fine.
  • Do not eat too many or different types of sweets for dinner. Also, do not take sweets on an empty stomach, they should go as a dessert after the main meal and should be only a couple of pieces - rather 1 should be perfect.
  • Promptly after dinner, brush your teeth - it psychologically tunes you that now you are ready to sleep and there is no more eating required.
  • Do not eat too many or different types of sweets for dinner. Also, do not take sweets on an empty stomach, they should go as a dessert after the main meal and should be only a couple of pieces - rather 1 should be perfect.

What we should eat or what we should not eat at night are a very difficult question to answer. Plus following all those guidelines mentioned in the answers at the same time becomes even more challenging. But - what we must always remember is that if the feeling of hunger keeps you awake, let your dinners be light and healthy.

Stay Happy & Healthy... HealthDear

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