"SIC" Giveaway Faucet Week 3 & Week 2 "SIC" Faucet Payout.


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I am very sorry for being late on the update of my week 2 "SIG" Faucet Payout due to being busy on few of my daily routine activities.

So here it is...

There are only 4 person who follow the rules as I stated in my faucet payout giveaway and they are...





They will be getting 0.16 steem share of the payout each.

Transfer is done so please check out your wallet. Thank you for participating. Please feel free to join again for this week 3 SIC.

I am very happy of their replies on my question about What do you think about engaging in steemit community?


"SIC" Giveaway Faucet Week 3

Why am I doing this faucet?

Inspired by @sydesjokes. I would like to contribute in some kind of way for the community and I would also like to encourage engaging in this community. Engaging help me a lot in building up my reputation, getting more and more upvotes slowly for each day pass in steemit and most importantly it doesn't only help me externally but also internally in terms of building up positive thinking attitude for myself.

For this week faucet, I change the rules a little bit just to make it more fun and to encourage engaging between us. Hopefully you didn't find the rules to hard. I'm still changing the rules for each week for now until I can see the rules is beneficially and easy for everyone to do.

Here are the rules...

  1. Upvote of at least 0.001 STU for this post to increase the post payout that could be shared to other.
  2. Answer this question with your own opinion in my comment section below. Why do you keep steeming even when the price of steem is low? There will be no words count restriction for you. You are free to answer.
  3. Take time to read others answer and reply them with your own opinion about their comment or upvote at least 1 of them.
  4. Feel free to help me re-steem this post to increase the share that each one can get but a re-steem is not necessary to be included in the payout share. The more the merrier.
  5. Post payout(steem) will be shared equally to all the steemians who follow all the necessary rules.
No 1 is a must/compulsory.
You can choose either No 2 or No 3. No 2 is a better option but if you chose no 3 please leave me a comment of "Done with No 3" so that I could notice you more.
No 4 is an option though re-steeming will be appreciated.
No 5 is a must/compulsory.

Why do I keep steeming even when the price of steem is low?

I chose to believe in the future of steemit. my thoughts are...
  • If the price of steem can go low, it can also go up. So, I continue on steeming because I still want to collect steem even if I can only gain a little for now. There are two things that I want to do with the steem that I am collecting. I want to power up and collect some to be cash out someday. For now, powering up is my priority. The reason will be another story.
Please Read the rules carefully so that you will not be leave out from the share.
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Why i keep steeming?
Because i knew there are something miracle will came. Who knew the steem is rising immediately.. who knows.. so that, i can power up my steem power instead of keep quiet and doesn’t do nothing. I will keep steeming as long i have a time.
Thank you @heartbeat1515 for this giveaway...
I appriciate it...

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I too believe in miracles. Cheers for the aim to power up.


As we power up , we could upvote more steemian by the value


Do nothing is wasted time, but do something can gain more including knowledge , friends , income and more. I agree with you @zayyad83 , be on steemit is lead you to be a writer and reader ..

@heartbeat1515 , Done with no. 3


Be patient, the price will rise again for sure.

  ·  작년

Thank you @heartbeat1515 for the giveaway for week 2. I really appreciate it. Well for your week 3 question - As for me, why I still steeming even the steem value is low is because for sure there is ups and downs in this platform. So apart from looking at the price, I keep on writing and reading in steemit as to improve my writing and increase my knowledge in various aspect. It means that it is not all about the money, but it is also a part of getting experience and knowledge in this platform and of course engaging with orther steemian.

Keep it up @heartbeat1515 😘


Great thought. Thank you for taking your time to answer the question.

Thanks again for the giveaway last weeks. So for the question No.2...

I love posts on steemit compare with others social sites because I'd set up my social networking by private. But here in steemit , I love audiences and other to reads my post and share their thoughts by commenting my post. Also I do love read others post and comment where I can't read it on my social networks. Be on steemit it like I can find more friends even the price for posts is low compared like previous .. So steemit is a channel or others way to interact with more people.


Wonderful thought @audreyclaire. Keep on enhancing the quality of engagement in the community of steemit.

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Thank you for the giveaway!
Why do you keep steeming even when the price of steem is low?
Hmm I think I just like the platform, people are really friendly here. Getting tokens is nice but it's not the priority for me. Also I really like blockchain and want to be a part of it.


You are welcome. You are just in time to be participated.
Me too. I love the platform. Hopefully it will keep on having this nice aura from everyone.

Sorry for being so late in saying, Thank You!!! <3 I appreciate all you do here on Steemit and I'm glad you're still here posting and doing these giveaway faucets! Have a great weekend!


It is alright. I know you are busy each day reading your actifit post. Thank you for spending your time to reply.