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Thanks to OnePageX it is much easier to exchange your cryptocurrencies. OnePageX offers more than 140 cryptocurrencys and altcoins available to change, you do not have to start sessions and spend a lot of time checking and creating accounts to exchange criptocurrencys.

Screenshot_2019-07-01 OnePageX com.png

¿Why use OnePagex?

The exchange mechanism is extremely easy, as we can see in the image, it is as simple as selecting the currency you want to change and to which, and transfer to the account number that they will give you, super simple.

OnePagex offers several benefits, for example regarding rates, OnePagex rates are usually minimal, transactions are very fast, this is another of the most important aspects of the platform
Since users trade with the OnePageX account, they themselves have the power and control of their assets, without anyone being able to alter them, avoiding future problems with hackers..

Also when working with 140 different cryptocurrencies and altcoins, you can handle smaller cryptocurrencies that are not BTC, ETH and so, increasing the volume and statistics of said cryptocurrencies.

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