Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!


Are you ready to see the Top 10 Ideas For Making Money Online in 2020 and beyond here with me, Jerry Banfield? I've been an entrepreneur online now for 8 years. I've got the 10 best ways I think you can have success in earning money online.

Join me if you want to work full-time from home with my business. It's an awesome lifestyle with no alarm clocks and total freedom, etc. You will have the opportunity to do this too and let's get into these 10 ways.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Idea #10 is mental and the other 9 are concrete.

The key is you need your mind to be right. You need to believe at least one of these will work for you in order to successfully execute them. That belief is critical. If you don't think it'll work, you're right. If you do think it'll work, you're right.

Therefore, what is idea #10? Number 10 is to go help somebody else make money. Yes, you heard that right. You might think, “What? What are you telling me to go help someone else make money and not even think about? What am I going to get in return not even considering that I'm going to make any money?

That's right. Here's why:

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For example, you can leave a like on this post. You can drop a comment on this post. You can hit the subscribe button on my Youtube channel and that will directly help me make money through ad revenue and all the good opportunities that come from that.

You are thinking, “Wait what? I'm going to help you make money and then this is not going to be me”. Yes. It helps you with your belief. It helps you with your faith that it is possible for you. When you help me out, you will have the absolute certain belief that the same is possible for you.

If you help me make money then you know that someone else out there will make you money whether it's me or somebody else.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

If you're unwilling to help anyone else make money, it's very difficult to do anything yourself because there's that underlying belief that no one will help me with this that I have to hustle. I have to struggle because people out there aren't going to help me.

You get through this by helping somebody else. Just a simple action to get started. It might be something like your cousin has a business, you talked to him and helped him figure out how to do his business better for free. Then as you build your faith and your belief in your ability to make money online then all of these other 9 things have a great chance at working for you.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Then you get to the point where I'm at. I'm certain that there's all the help I need in the whole universe for me to make money online and that's the point you want to get to if you're not there already and just the little things you do can make a big difference.

All those little likes make a huge difference and when you're doing that then you're ready for any of these next 9 to work for you. More than likely, one of these will work 10 if not 100 times better for you than any of the other ones.

The key is to look at all of these ideas to see which one you would love to do and you believe you can do it and then pick that out.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Idea #9 is cryptocurrency investing and trading.

I've put this at #9 because there is a lot of potential money to be made. I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars with cryptocurrency investing and trading.

However, you generally will need to buy some first and you will need to have some researching abilities to analyze data to figure out what coins are overvalued or undervalued. This is the 9th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

I will put out new videos to assist with this. I've done lots of tutorials on how to trade cryptocurrencies already that millions of people have watched.

Thus, this can be a great opportunity. I believe there's a lot of value that you can just literally buy most of the top cryptocurrencies to hold them and make money that way.

That said, this clearly isn't for everybody which is why I'm not going to talk much more about it. I'll get into things that have more general appeal for you but you can be making money online in 2020 .

Idea #8 is and you can watch a complete tutorial on how to create gigs on Fiverr.

I've spent thousands of dollars ordering from freelancers on Fiverr. Fiverr is very good if you've got a unique service idea that you can come up with, for example, if you're in a more general area that you can successfully execute.

There are lots of things you might not even realize you have as skills. For example, did you realize that talking is a skill? You can do voiceovers if you can talk. You can do a translation if you know 2 languages. If you do graphic design, you can do logos. If you can write/edit, you can do articles and blog posts.

There are a ton of different services. Most recently, I paid people hundreds of dollars to listen to my music, dance to it and record a video. The more creative you can be to find something people might want that isn't available, there are not very many people offering, there's a better way to offer what is available, the more opportunity you can have on Fiverr.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

People made whole businesses on Fiverr starting from nothing. That said, Fiverr can be easy to get banned from if you attempt to take anybody outside of Fiverr. Watch out for that. This is the 8th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

I have a complete detailed tutorial going over Fiverr, “Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!”.  

Idea #7 is another freelancing marketplace called Upwork. I've also done a very detailed tutorial about Upwork on how to go find jobs. I will give you the abbreviated version of that here. The full version is “Upwork Tutorial 2019! Secrets to Get a Job Without Wasting Time Applying”.

I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Upwork hiring freelancers and the freelancers I've hired on Upwork have helped me make millions of dollars. Upwork is a marketplace where you can work hourly or you can work on a project basis.

My wife was looking to make money with her skills as an attorney while working at home as a full-time mom. She started looking for legal writing jobs on Upwork and that helped her find her very first clients with a very smart business model that had no expenses.

Thus, there are a ton of opportunities on Upwork not only to look for jobs but also to see what skills are worth learning. You can literally watch video courses and do whatever you see in those courses and learn skills that you can then start accepting clients for on Upwork.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

From Upwork, there's another leap that you can make into finding the clients directly who are on Upwork and this is what my wife has done. She makes a thousand dollars a week off of the 2 things I'm showing you here. This is the 7th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

On Upwork, you get an idea of who is hiring for specific types of jobs. Whereas, it can be difficult to find just generally online. My wife realized that law firm marketing companies were consistently hiring for the exact talent she had.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

What do you think she did? When she figured out law firm marketing companies needed legal content writers, she went into Google and searched for law firm marketing companies directly and went to hundreds of websites for law firm marketing companies and directly applied there.

Even if they didn't look like they were hiring, she would send over her resume and her information. She now makes a thousand dollars a week, all from one law firm marketing company that she found after learning on Upwork exactly who was hiring.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Idea #6 is to Google direct searches for the exact right clients.

When you combine your knowledge of exactly what you need to search for and experience doing that, you can literally Google an exact type of client and go directly to them via email and get a job that way.

These are the easiest ways to start making money online in 2020 immediately and only the cryptocurrency trading one requires you to put in anything upfront. I'll go over this really quick and then we'll get into some of the very best ways I see making money online in 2020.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Out of all the things I've just shown you, the first 5 are fairly easy to get started with. The next 5 are more difficult to get started with. However, to me, they have the most potential. This is the 6th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

Idea #5 is Live streaming.

I've got a ton of tutorials on live streaming. Check out this blog to see how live streaming is growing rapidly.

You'll notice that I do a significant portion of my videos just like this. I do them live because I have such an efficient filming process that I don't even need to edit my videos. I've been practicing filming 5000+ videos. I don't need to edit.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

I just literally talk my way through it and live-streaming is a very powerful opportunity because it's an engaging format. It’s interactive. To me, live streaming is the highest form of media right now. Even higher than things like television and TV.

Live streaming is interactive and there are a ton of ways to make money online in 2020 live streaming, especially if you can creatively come up with something that people are not doing or show that's entertaining or you've got skill or talent. This is the 5th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

It could be video games. It could be playing music. I've seen people on Twitch literally whip out a guitar, set up a little studio at home and start making thousands of dollars a month from scratch by doing nothing else but inviting their friends to come and watch and then organic discovery.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

There's a massive opportunity to get started live streaming. The main thing you need to do live streaming is an OBS, a decent microphone, and a camera. If you search on my website, I've got tutorials up on OBS.

Here's one called the Free Camtasia tutorial.

OBS is what I'm using to film. This is what you also use to live stream. It's totally free and all you need is a good microphone like the one I've got. If you go to and click on Resources, I've got links to my exact equipment that you can go there.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

You just need a good microphone and you need a camera that makes it look good. I've got 2 cameras set up. One is a Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder which is like $1000 and I've got that after years of doing a lot of videos on the camera.

The secondary camera is Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam – 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype Certified. This one is about 100 dollars. It makes a great picture quality.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

You need a green screen to make this a nice effect here. I have a painted office green but you can get a green screen and here’s the one I recommend Square Perfect 4037 Professional Quality 10 x 13 Feet Chromakey Green Screen Muslin Backdrop for Photography and Video.

Live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer & Dlive is a huge opportunity because you can get the highest level relationship with your audience. What's really difficult with making money online in 2020 is establishing trust and a live stream is one of the fastest ways to establish trust because people can interact with you in real-time, see how you respond and that promotes a lot of trusts.

Thus, I highly suggest doing Live streaming. The number one suggestion for doing successful live-streaming is to use Restream. Check out this tutorial “ Video Course!”.

I highly recommend using Restream so that you can go on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Mixer, and Dlive all live at once with about the same effort as to go live to any one place.

The best opportunities in live streaming are to just show up on all the different platforms. Do whatever it is you're going to do. Whether it's to play video games, play music, do tutorial videos as I do or a show. Just do that and then you will get discovered in some places more than others on any given day.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

For example, right now, Mixer is really hot. I don't know what just happened with Mixer but I'm getting new followers almost every day on Mixer after having almost nothing happened on Mixer for years. Now, Mixer is hot.

Facebook was really hot a while ago. YouTube goes in and out of being hot and Twitch goes in and out of being hot too. So live stream with Restream and you've got a lot of potential to make money online in 2020.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Idea #4 is to continue your education, preferably with a mastermind.

The suggestion is to join any mastermind. Now, this costs money and you may not see exactly how this will help you upfront until you experience the video calls and start learning.

Then, at one point, you'll put it all together and you'll be like, “Wow! I'm now making $2,000 a month and it was by putting together a bunch of different things that I didn't see how I could put them together".

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

If you go to Uthena, this is my continuing education platform for entrepreneurs online. We've got hundreds of video courses there that'll teach you very valuable skills. Anything from cybersecurity and ethical hacking to programming to marketing and advertising.

These are the skills that you can put together to make a lot more money. If you want to work on Upwork/Fiverr or have your live stream, teach online, get clients, you can be making money online in 2020 a lot by putting these skills together. This is the 4th idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

The key to putting this all into a mastermind is having these video calls. Imagine getting to talk to me, share your screen with me, showing me exactly what you're doing and having me ask questions in a world where we've literally got almost anything we want to know at our fingertips.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

What's missing? What's missing is people listening to us, especially online. What I've noticed is that a lot of entrepreneurs are failing by themselves at home. The number one solution to this is to get into a support group where you can find mentors.

Where you will hear people like me that are consistently earning every single month and have been doing it for years that will help you increase your belief that you can do it too.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

What I've noticed is that people consistently show up, see me in video calls, tell me what they're doing and I spend 90% of my time listening and 10% of the time offering suggestions and feedback based on what I've heard.

I noticed that those people that do that are consistently growing, for example, one member joined in making about $600 a month hoping to pay the rent who now makes consistently $10,000 a month showing up initially once a month. Now, consistently once a week and applying the tips.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

This is one of the most overlooked things in making money online. It's one of the most difficult things to find. However, I did not put it as number one because you do need to invest money in this. It's either $48 a month for my mastermind or $1000 for life.

I have 2 different offerings on Uthena i.e. Uthena Scholars and Uthena University. These offer you a lot of video courses plus access to the daily video calls to study materials in the Facebook group.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

I have another offering. It’s the partner program with the same pricing either $48 a month or $1000 for life. This offers just my courses and private label rights to my courses.

A partner joined about a year ago and have now made over $17,000 working with me. Think about that. They put in $1,000 and in a year, they made $17,000 back. Now, how did that happen? As I got to know that partner, I realized I needed help with graphic design.

It took 4 or 5 video calls before we put this together and as soon as we put that together, I've been paying hundreds of dollars a week for graphic design and all of my graphic design needs now. I refuse to go hire anybody cheaper.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

I could hire someone cheaper. I could save maybe 75% and hire somebody cheaper but I refuse to hire somebody cheaper because this partner put in $1,000 with me first and I love giving it back to them over and over again.

At this rate, they're going to earn a hundred thousand working with me over the course of our lifetime if not more than that. Thus, a mastermind makes a huge difference. A massive difference in your ability to earn money online and I've got what it looks like to me to be the best.

That said, it may not be best for you. There might be another one that will work better for you. I highly suggest a mastermind if you're serious about succeeding with this.

Idea #3 is affiliate marketing and I've already done an entire video on this because it's such a great opportunity. I have a list of the Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2020 to Make Passive Income and Recurring Revenue Online.

You can literally look through these. What I didn't mention is that my continuing education program has a 50% lifetime affiliate commission making it one of the new affiliate programs out there. I've got a list of 9 more affiliate programs in this video I highly recommend.

First, finding an affiliate program that works really well for you and having a very smart thoughtful system to get those affiliate commissions will likely work better than being a member of 10 or 15 affiliate programs and spamming links. This is the 3rd idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

How do I know? Experience. I've spread lots of affiliate program links and earned me almost nothing. Yesterday, I just got a commission for $250 off of one affiliate program. I did a video and a matching blog post on my website.

This video shows you how to get a line of credit for your business. I have a $11,000 line of credit for my business that I haven't used. A line of credit is like a credit card except it's a cash advance. They give you cash into your bank account and to me, it's great just to have it in case of emergencies.

A single person signed up for this and earned me $250. I don't know who it is that even did it. This is why affiliate marketing is so good and that's the highest affiliate marketing commission I've ever got from a single sale.

Therefore, with affiliate marketing, there are a lot of great opportunities with affiliate marketing and that you can start for free usually.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

The difficulty with affiliate marketing is that you will generally need to put a lot of time and energy into setting up your foundation. Now, you can do it for free but you may need to test out a lot of different programs and to research and find which one fits.

To me, the best opportunities are figuring out what you're already using. For example, I have a friend on Facebook. She's promoting some diet programs. She never mentions the program directly in her posts and what she does is she makes all of her sales directly through messages to her friends.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

As she doesn't mention the program, people ask about it and then she is guaranteed to make a sale that way. Whereas, when I just throw out videos all over the place, I miss a lot of sales on people that go directly google something instead of asking me for it.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, watch my video.

We're into some of the very best ideas for making money online and also some of the most challenging generally to set up. You really need a high level of belief to successfully execute these. However, when you do, your results can be absolutely fantastic.

Thus, it's worth it.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

Idea #2 is making Youtube videos. I did an entire video on it. Here’s How to Make Passive Income Online 2019 and the number one recommendation I have as it says in the blog is to make videos and put them on YouTube.

I get money every month from YouTube off videos I've done years ago. They keep making money indefinitely as long as people are watching them, they keep making money. Not only that, but then I get all kinds of other opportunities off YouTube.

I can sell products, courses, memberships, combined products courses and services all into one membership. YouTube offers the highest potential that I see to start from 0, build a following and earn passive income online. This is the 2nd idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

There's a lot that goes into doing a great job on YouTube. I've got an entire playlist on how to be successful on YouTube. I've got a bunch of videos and I'm consistently making more about how to succeed on YouTube in terms of building subscribers and viewers.

I also made a video yesterday that I recommend watching. It shows you what not to do to build a following on YouTube based on my experience doing a lot of things that I don't recommend repeating. It's called How I Got 286K YouTube Subscribers with 165 views/video.

There are a lot of opportunities on YouTube but you may need to learn a lot in order to capitalize on it. It took me a year to make my first decent video on YouTube. It took 2 years now and I didn't try at it every day.

If you try it every day, you can do much better than me. In fact, much faster, especially if you learn from my mistakes. Thus, the baseline is to upload 1 video day. That's what I am doing after all the experiments I've done. 1 new video a day.

Constantly learn, grow, test, and think about how you can make the very best videos for people. My attempt today is to make the very best video for you that'll have the highest impact on your life and then just repeat it over and over again.

A new video every day, especially if you can combine that with live-streaming. You can do incredible things on YouTube and there are just endless opportunities on YouTube. You can teach something, sell courses and do affiliate marketing.

You can get ad revenue, get clients and you can even if you get crazy like me, I promoted cryptocurrencies. I buy them, promote them and then they'd go up and sell them. That is what you could do.

There are so many things you can do on YouTube. It's amazing. Thus, YouTube is still an awesome opportunity. I'd say it's still the best opportunity on social media today. Often the most overlooked opportunity on social media too.

Idea #1 is to Teach Online.

I've saved the best for last because this is what's made me the most money online. I've made millions of dollars in revenue and consistently $10,000 a month in profit since 2015 when I started teaching full-time online.

Now, I do not teach any new video courses. I don't even try and sell video courses anymore. I just put out everything I do for free because the second idea I just gave you is that YouTube is so good. If you can get to the point where you don't even need to sell video courses, you can maybe have a membership.

It can even work better but for me and for many entrepreneurs, one of the best things you can do to just get to making money online is teach online. I have a post, Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and Uthena Today! that is just massive. It goes through all the equipment, related videos, and my income.

I've got a ton of resources in this blog post for you. This will tell you exactly how to get started teaching online including the exact equipment to buy, the cheapest equipment, the best quality equipment, cameras, green screens, and screen capture programs. You've got it all in this one post.

Teaching online is a really good opportunity, especially when you combine it with these other income methods. I recommend getting your course up on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and my platform Uthena. This is the last idea out of the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020.

Get your course up on all these websites and then what you can do is offer free previews of your course. You can put individual lectures out. You can render into long-format videos and you can use those to sell your video courses.

Ideally, you can sell them on every website. I reckon and the number one mistake I made teaching online was going all-in on one platform and that made me a lot of money initially and then I got an email wiping all of it out and was not well prepared to deal with that.

Thus, I highly recommend setting up a diversified teaching online business where you're not committed to any one platform. You can upload your courses to all of them.

Make a great course and put it up on Udemy to get it approved. After that, put it up on Skillshare, StackCommerce and then you can get it on Uthena. Put the previews on YouTube and then what you've got is the ability to make income indefinitely off of that one course.

There are courses on Udemy that made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are others that made me almost nothing. The key is to just set yourself up so you can teach video courses and make tutorials on subjects that are in most demand and then keep doing that.

My goal when I started full-time teaching online was to do 2 videos a day. I'd recommend if you want to replicate this, 1 video a day on YouTube and 2 videos a day on your teaching platforms. Now, you can upload them all at once but it’s better to film on average 2 videos a day.

1 or 2 for videos to be released for free and then 2 to go to the teaching platforms. This will allow you to set up a business that has massive income potential and will help you consistently earn enough to be full-time online.

There's no reason if you put all these things together. You can get tutorials up on YouTube that get views. Then in the description, you can put a link to the course on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and Uthena.

You can make sales on all of those courses plus an ad revenue plus accept clients and do affiliate marketing. All in one single video and you can do that on video after video on Youtube. That'll help drive your initial sales to get your courses ranked higher and to get you earning some money.

The higher your courses are ranked on Udemy and Skillshare, the more money you can make that they just give you that you don't even have to do anything for once you lay a decent foundation.

The downside of Udemy and Skillshare, it's very easy to get either your course hidden, a bad review or to get banned and you have no control. Thus, on Uthena, the reviews aren't an issue. Getting banned is not an issue and there are 50% lifetime commissions.

You can put your courses directly into bundles. When you sell one of these bundles on Uthena, you get a percentage and if you sell it as an affiliate, you get 50% plus you get a payment for however many courses you have in these bundles.

If you combine that with Udemy, Skillshare, and StackCommerce, then you're near a certain success in my opinion.

We've gone over all 10 of the best ideas I see for you to be able to make money online today. I have not included anything I think is way overcrowded and doesn't present a good opportunity. For example, I have 21 books published on Audible, Amazon, and Kindle.

These make almost no money a month which is why I've not mentioned Amazon, Kindle or audiobooks at all. That doesn't mean there are no opportunities there but to me, it's not one of the top 10 ideas for making money online.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

I don't know your unique skills and talents which is why it's so important to be a mastermind because I've made money hundreds of ways online and when I get to know you better then I can help you laser in on the exact number one idea that's probably best for you to execute.

Ironically, I probably wouldn't even directly tell it to you. You just talk to me so much and I'd ask a few questions, you'd figure it out yourself.

Join Jerry Banfield's Partner Program

Thus, I trust that when you want to join us, you'll click on Uthena Scholar Bundle or Uthena University Bundle. I have a Partner Program that you can join. The question is, do you want private label rights of video courses?

Private label rights are also a great way you can make money online. Private label rights are a very specific opportunity that you really need knowledge in certain areas to execute. Most of the things I gave you today are general areas that you don't need a lot of knowledge in any specific area for success.

Here’s a video where you can learn about Private Label Rights.

I highly recommend again for the 15th time to join my mastermind. This makes a huge difference.

I appreciate you getting to the end. I'm certain that you would love to subscribe to my Youtube channel and turn those notifications on so you can see the new videos when they come out and check the subscriber feed.

Subscribe Jerry Banfield's YouTube Channel

You can also follow me on Facebook, especially if you want to see the live streams and see things like blog posts come out and any other updates. Make sure you turn on the notifications though and/or put "see first" in your news feed.

Follow Jerry Banfield On Facebook

Thank you very much for learning about the top 10 ideas for making money online in 2020. I love you. You're awesome. I appreciate the chance to help you make money today.

I hope what I've shared here empowers you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online in 2020 and beyond. If I help you make money, if I help you make a hundred thousand dollars, you'll help me make money too. That's how it works. All right. I'll see you in the next post/video.

Jerry Banfield

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