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Oh, yes! You are a real trooper, Joy! @joythewanderer It could possibly be a Ghanian market, but, Sam @mcsamm usually brings us to the Kumasi or another large market. But, I must say, I have never seen a West African market that wasn't colorful. Do you remember where you were?

Such a busy place, isn't it? Life doesn't stop there at the markets!

I like chicken! That is a good thing, yes? I love the face you are making as if the chickens are talking back to you. It is funny that they call out to you as you are Chinese, whenever I go places where it is Asian, they always want me to be included in their pictures. Even family photos! I was surprised the first time it happened, but, now, I love it! :)

That is a long road home, with the big city in the background. I wonder if they would do my hair? Yours would take all day it is soooo long! You didn't try those little wiggly insects? It's protein! Sprinkle them on your sandwich for a little bit of crunch! Come on! Be a sport!

Thank you so much for letting us tag along with you! It really was a lot of fun and the different market from what I am used to seeing was awesome!

Can I ask you to drop your link here so all the posts will be in the same spot! Much appreciated!

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Thanks for you nice words! They put insect in sandwiches 🤪


I know!! I promise you that they taste better than they look!

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@cardboard: is this misplaces somehow? I do not see a post from @scisteem here.

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Wow..looks like the Ghanaian market but l doubt. So colourful with different activities everywhere. Good to share and happy weekend @joythewanderer

Sandwiches wrapped in news paper?? That doesn't sound quite right for food, does it ?

I would have been a coward too on the crunchy worms.

I enjoyed seeing your marked friday.


Hahah yea newspaper doesn’t seem so right but when I was there, I actually thought it looks so normal haha

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Nice post,no need to wonder if u are actually your new environment because the smiles on your face already justified that. And mind you,thats isn't motorbike oil lol,its actually groundnut oil. Thats how they packaged oil locally here..hope u are enjoying your stay


Thanks for correcting!

LOL You sure that is not the pet food section with the worms?

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