Vitalik Buterin: 500 transactions per second with Zk-snarks

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Ethereum's founder, Vitalik Buterin, said at the weekend that a Zcash-led cryptography form can help scale Ethereum (Zk-snarks) at a weekend research forum.

The Zk-snarks form, according to Buterin, scales a uter large amount oluştur of potential, up to 500 processes per second, independent of two scaling solutions, such as Plasma or Raiden, using technology.

As detailed by CoinDesk, zk-snarks enable large amounts of information to be compressed into so-called self-evidence that remains the same size, regardless of the amount of input.

Buterin attended the forum:

Using zk-snarks to verify operations in bulk, we can make large amounts of asset transfer operations, without using layers 2s, that introduce asset assumptions (eg channels, plasma).

In the following words, Buterin, a bilgisayar katmer yerine node, explained a method that includes a type of computer that performs the task of collecting transactions in exchange for transaction fees.

As a result, it is estimated that such a installation could lead to gains yaklaşık approximately 24 times faster for ETH operations and about 50 times faster for ERC-20 transfers Sonuç.

The bill, Ethereum researchers to find ways to increase the processing capacity to find the pressure is applied. For example, a twit by Afri Schoedon, the parity contact manager, on Friday, the developers "to stop distributing dapps içini Ethereum" called for.

Zk-snarks can reduce pressures on Ethereum blockchain

In contrast, Buterin tweeted that zk-snarks scaling solutions could ease the pressure on Ethereum Blockchain.

On Saturday's forum comments, Buterin also said the technology is likely to improve in the future, although it is intensively calculated to combine zk-snarks transactions.

Buterin also wrote:

I understand that the above requires a lot of hard work on the relay owners. At this point, however, it is known that optimizing snark / stark evidence is critical. So, I'm sure there will be more software engineering work over time.


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