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Hot Pot restaurants are great, but ever wonder are you eating healthy all this while? I was introduced to try out a Herbal Hotpot Restaurant - Tian Xiang Hui Wei (天香回味养生火锅), where they only serve the soup boiled with herbs & guaranteed the longer you cook the tastier the soup is! Herbs are healthy ingredients! Besides, the soup is boiled up to 12 hours in the kitchen with Pork Bone.

Scroll down to see our soup is filled with all kinds of herbs! Don't worry there is no medicine taste, the ingredients are there to add more flavor to your Pork Bone Soup! If you noticed, there's a spicy soup but it's not (麻辣) Ma-La, it's (香辣) Xiang-La where it doesn't hurt your tongue and your stomach!

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Let's sip some Tea

Before you start dining, this is the must drink Chinese Tea in Tian Xiang Hui Wei as it promotes good sleep & removes toxins from your body. Thinking how harmful the food we may eat from outside, coming here to dine is like a recovery session by consuming all good stuff!

What We Ordered

Hotpot is all meat! I ordered so many Beef because it's so good! Some people may not take the strong taste of Beef and Lamb, but for myself, the stronger the better! Hence for myself, I would recommend beef over lamb for this round! Of course, they do also serve a variety of Meat Balls & Cheese Filling Balls.

Trust me when I say its good because the chef would always ensure the ingredients served are in good quality. They will ensure all these meat are fresh to match their motto of "养身" - Healthy Dining Concept! Just look at the photo, it's still fresh red in color. I would dive in for more healthy food now!

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Set Lunch for Working Adults

Sunway Giza Mall surely has all these working offices nearby, so Tian Xiang Hui Wei would like to share the news that they do serve Lunch Set about RM13! Using the same soup that is served in our Hot Pot, that thick taste of Pork Soup match with their chewy Noodles or serves as a soup of the day!

Trust me, the soup will not be too salty and it is not seasoning, it's all pure herbs and Pork bone! A good lunch will keep us working adults to have more energy to complete our work!

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Group Photo & Ending Note

Thank you Jenny & Steven's invitation to try-out Tian Xiang Hui Wei Hot Pot! Like she said, "The longer you boil, the tastier it is". It really tasty, I could take the soup and drink it while knowing that it's all herbs inside! 养身火锅真的很棒!

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Interior & Location

Address: B-8, 2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 03-6148 2268

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei

Herbal Hotpot Restaurant Tian Xiang Hui Wei


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