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SteemPress is a free WordPress plugin co-founded by @howo and @fredrikaa that assists with cross-posting from your Wordpress blog to the Steem Blockchain — converting html, markup, and post data of your blogs to a Steem friendly format.

This plugin essentially turns your own blog into a Steem posting interface, much like Steemit, Busy, and others. They've created this plugin to empower Steem users to have their own website, as well as, encourage existing Wordpress bloggers to sign up to Steem!

Benefits of Using SteemPress

  • Publish on your own domain, using your own key safely on your own website
  • Native post scheduling your posts in the Wordpress editor
  • Native post preview of your posts in the Wordpress editor
  • Native post drafts in the Wordpress editor
  • Set posts to private on Wordpress, but public on Steem
  • Publish to Steem checkbox, allowing you to not post some blogs to Steem
  • Post published blog posts to Steem later, automatically or manually
  • Free native Wordpress RSS/Atom feed, with summary or full text
  • Cool functions of Wordpress ported to Steem, like posting with your email
  • Awesome 3rd party Wordpress plugins offering more features like Spellcheck, Grammar, and more!
  • Most Wordpress plugins adaptable. Add meta or signature data to posts
  • Optional self-vote
  • Support for Soundcloud and Youtube links without embed
  • Fully supports Wordpress Multisite! So your whole curation crew can use it
  • All the benefits of having your own domain and rss feed to promote your Steem content
  • Default tags so you don't have to define new tags every post
  • Ability to define new tags every post, if desired
  • Align images, left, right, center: just like on Steemit
  • Support for all 6 header sizes, Subtext, Supertext, and code
  • Requires only your posting private key
  • Optional automatic backlink to your blog
  • Curation incentive for trying the plugin
  • Native WYSIWYG Wordpress editor that works just like Steemit editor
  • Support for Wordpress Featured Images. They'll become Steem post headers
  • Plug: Follow along super advanced geeky tutorials by ME on mashing Steem with web!

  • Official Steem Account: @steempress-io

    Official Discord:

    Just by posting and using this plugin, you are helping not only refine a plugin that will be crucial to the future expansion of Steem, but you will helping both the plugin author and Steemcleaners refine their content filtering processes.

    Answers to Common Questions

    How do I avoid being bit by Cheetah Bot for posting duplicate content?

    Cheetah does not flag duplicate content. If Cheetah finds duplicate content, it will upvote you and leave a link to the duplicate content in your Steem post comments. If you feel this has a bad connotation, there are still some things you can do.

    • Verify you're the author of your blog by posting a link to your blog post url in the footer of your post. This will help Cheetah find the duplicate content in question and verify that you are the one posting. There is even an option in the Settings of the plugin to do this automatically so you don't have to remember to.
    • Post a link back to your Steem account from your Wordpress — such as with your social media links.
    • Link post the article to a linked or verified Social Media account — such as on Twitter.
    • Contact Steemcleaners on Discord and ask them to remove the comment. You can only do this if Cheetah has actually left a comment.

    If you are always and only crossposting 100% original content, Steemcleaners may eventually verify your account and prevent Cheetah from visiting your Steem posts. Ideally, they are in favor of this; as all upvotes, flags, and comments waste their voting power and bandwidth that could be used to fight real abuse.

    Steemcleaners abuse reporting tool:

    Steemcleaners will pay you a small incentive for each abuse report you make that is found valid.

    Steemcleaners original author verification tool:

    If all your posts are original, help save Steemcleaners voting power by helping Cheetah ignore you. In addition, Steempress also occasionally likes to reward original authors as well.

    How do I avoid duplicate content penalties from Google?

    The fact is, the SEO penalties toward a small site for duplicate content is very low or insignificant. Google's algorithm has more important things to do.

    Read: The Myth of the Duplicate Content Penalty

    However, some people with really popular blogs do notice some ironic traffic redirection nonetheless, and blame Google. If this is a concern for you, there is a number of things you can do:

    • Delay posting your Wordpress articles to Steem Blockchain. There is even a setting in the plugin options that will let you delay posting your articles by a number of minutes or more. The main problem with this approach is that if your content is posted on your own Wordpress first, it is more likely to be noticed by Cheetah. However, if your post is genuinely original and you are the true author, then you have nothing to worry about. Any mistakes that Cheetah makes will be remedied by Steemcleaners. Remember, they are not after original authors and don't mean to be annoying. They need our help to make it easier to recognize original content.
    • Alternatively, you can post to Steem first, and then on Wordpress later. This feature is not automated in the plugin yet, but is on the roadmap. In the meantime, after posting to Wordpress and Steem, you would have to set your Wordpress post back to draft manually for a time. However, there are 3rd party plugins that can assist with unpublishing and republishing your Wordpress posts, without republishing to Steem.
    • If you are not worried about the link juice to your cross posted articles, you can ask Google not to index those particular pages. You will need a 3rd party plugin for that.
    • Steemit is a high ranking site, as well as, other Steem interfaces that will display your content. Those backlinks to your blog are actually high quality backlinks that do more good than harm, and depending on your blog age and rank; may actually help your blog rank higher and get more organic traffic.

    Why pay a beneficiary fee when you can post on Steemit for free?

    It's a misconception that you post to Steemit for free. Everyone is powered by their vests on Steem. However, fancy math aside; it's true that Steemit doesn't take any cut of your posts and many dapps do. In contrast, Dtube and Steepshot take more of a cut than Steempress. In addition, like other dapps taking a percentage; that percentage is used to actively develop the service. If you've noticed, with few exceptions (like Dlive); most free dapps simply can't stay afloat (like Steefun) and go out of business, or can't afford to continue to grow. A small percent is for convenience of all the features that Steempress has to offer, including totally free support. The price of a full RSS feed through most services is $5 USD per month. You just saved yourself some cash.


    Steempress is not compatible with some popular plugins such as Nextgen Gallery, Visual composer, Ad Shortcodes, and many others. That's because lot of html and shortcodes are stripped from your HTML before posting to Steem. That doesn't mean you can't use those plugins on wordpress though. It just means that when crossposting to Steem Blockchain, you're going to get a lot of code and mess if you try to use those shortcode plugins in your posts. Remember, the Steem Blockchain stores text; and as a byproduct, code; but it doesn't know what those plugins are saying on Steem, just like your blog doesn't know Steemit CSS either (which I will be posting a tutorial on changing.)

    That means that your crossposts have to be coded just like they are on other Steem interfaces. Essentially, you've turned your Wordpress post editor into a Steem interface. If you have UNCHECKED crossposting, you can still use those plugins on Wordpress alone for those posts not cross-posting to Steem. Using 3rd party plugins, you can even disable those plugins on a post by post or page by page basis. But that's another topic. :)


    Oh heck yeah! So, have I got good news for you. Since this is something I actually KNOW about (php, mysql, wordpress, etc.) I will be posting some TOOTS on this over the coming weeks since I'm doing 100 Days of Code, and because it would be helpful if everyone tried this, for some cool reasons I'll explore even deeper later. Here is a glimpse though...

    Would you like to sell your music on the blockchain? Bet you do.

    Want your own online shop? Steem monster shop? Blog? Yep, bet you do.

    Want a FREE (like free free) blog, rss feed, and free promotion all over the interwebs... yep, that too.

    If you'd value this content, your upvotes and support make this possible.

    This is my first post with Steempress!

    Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

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Oh yeah, Omi: very well done!

I love your new WP site talking about secret or dishonest activities that are typically complicated, humorous or interesting (font: Wikipedia) and the name is gorgeous!

Thanks for letting me know about the "Curation incentive for trying the plugin": I have a friend with a beautiful WP blog and I'll try to convince her to set up the plugin.

A big hug, Omi... from @amico!

Yeah its a great addition to the steem community and will help spread the word about steem, while at the same time rewarding bloggers.

Well done !


I completely agree. And although I like to use Steem for more than just blog posts, I feel when posting blogs, it's a great option — especially for those of us already comfortable with Wordpress. Game changer.

Its a great opportunity for us..but I am facing some problems while applying for it. My acount in wordpress does’t work while its open with me in the app and everything is fine.. because I wanted to install the plugins to Ipad but couldn’t do that..unfortunately it’s not working for me.


Are you trying to use ??? And you only have an iPad? What are you web designing on?


I thought I can do on online websites and but couldn’t and wordpress is not working now but yes I am studying web designing but I can do only in my classess otherwise not possible for me now.

Thanks for the heads up on this one; going to see how steempress works with my current blogs

What a brilliant post @omitaylor. So much of goodie good information. :) Totally loved how you explained each and everything. My first blog via @steempress coming soon. :D

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