A Story of Demon and Villagers



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There used to be a huge demon in a village, who always used to intimidate all the people of the village. So that no human in the village had the courage to come in front of that demon.

One day a boy from the same village started asking his elder brother, brother, why are you so afraid of that monster, why don't you go and kill him?

The elder brother said, "Have you gone mad, you have seen his height, he will not missed a second to kill anyone".

Younger brother said that you are wrong, "because of his long height, he will not miss killing, but will avoid being saved."

And the same day the younger took out his slingshot and killed the demon.

Moral :

In this story too, it had two views. One of which appeared to all the villagers, so that they were afraid. And another view was seen by that little boy, because of which he killed that monster.

We all have 2 paths at every turn of life, now it depends on us, which one we choose. Whatever path we choose, our ideology will continue to be formed the same and we will continue to be formed like that.

So try to see things from every perspective first and then start working on it.

Thank You!

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