A Story Of Farmer and Sage Mahatma


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One day a very learned mahatma was going somewhere to tell a story, on the way he saw a very beautiful field, which had a very good and attractive crop.

To enjoy this beauty, the Mahatma stood near that field for a while and began to admire its beauty.

The farmer of that field was driving the same tractor and when he saw the Mahatma, he came to Mahatma with a tractor and bowed to him by touching his feet.

The sage Mahatma blessed him and said that God has given you a very good harvest, you should thank him.

Farmer said - Yes, God has given me a very good crop and I am thankful to God wholeheartedly for this. But you should have seen this field, when it was a barren land and no animal would like to come here.


God also trusts and helps only those, who have faith in themselves and their courage.

Thank You!

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Great story with a great moral..this reminds us all to have faith no matter what .