Preaching Of Lord Buddha


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Once upon a time, Lord Buddha along with some of his saints were going to a village called Rampur to narrate the story.

On his way to the village, he and his saints were seen carved some small pits on the way.

One of those saints asked Lord Buddha, Swami, what could be the reason for digging so many pits on the way?

Lord Buddha responded to the saint with a grin that, someone was looking for water here, if no water was found in one place, he dug in another place, and then the third, then the fourth and when he got tired by digging the pit and even after working so hard, he did not get water, he left.

Instead of digging many pits, If he dug a pit by putting all his energy in one place, he would have got water.

That is why it is said that you should be patient while doing any work, what address were we nearing our destination? And we were just about to get there that we gave up...

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