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Once a psychology professor was teaching some of the principles of stress management to some children sitting in class.

To give an example, he raised a glass of water and asked everyone that someone here can tell me the weight of this glass of water.

The children responded with enthusiasm, the weight of this glass would be around 50-100 grams.

The professor said, you all gave the right answer, but it does not matter what the exact weight of this glass is. The important point is how long I hold this glass of water in my hand.

If I hold this glass for 1-2 minutes, then it will not make much difference. But if I keep holding this glass for 1-2 hours, my hand will start to ache, and if I hold this glass for 1-2 days, my hand will become numb by twisting and may be be paralyzed. And it make me force again and again to drop the glass.

This means that the weight of the glass did not change nor was change at any stage, the only thing is that the longer I hold this glass, the more weight it will make me feel.

These words of the professor shook all the children sitting in the class. Professor said, the stress and anxiety in your life is like this glass of water, the more you think about it, the more your stress will increase and at time it will paralyze you. So don’t think much about your past otherwise it may paralyze you and you wouldn’t be able to do anything in your life.

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