Strong Your Relationship



Image Souce

Once in a garden, two children a girl and a boy were playing. The boy had some beautiful shining stones and the girl had some chocolates.

The boy offered the girl that if he gives all his chocolates to the boy, he will give him all his stones.

The girl agreed and gave the boy all his chocolates in exchange for that stone. But the boy did not give him all the stones, the most beautiful and big stone in it was hidden by the boy and he gave all the other stones.

After exchanging, they both went home. When both went to sleep at night, the girl slept comfortably, but the boy started thinking..May be that girl had not given him all the chocolates. She must have hidden good chocolates and by thinking that boy could not sleep the whole night.

Moral of the Story

First lesson - If you do not give 100% in any relationship, then you will always doubt that he will not have given his 100% .. So don't cheat with anyone.

Second lesson - With whom you do or think, you do the same with others .. So always do good and think well.

Thank You!

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