Value of Mother - Story of Swami Vivekananda


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Swami Vivekananda once went to America for some work, and there came an Englishman to him and he asked Swamiji a question that… Swami ji why “Mother” is given the highest status in your India, why People worship the mother first and then God.

Swami Vivekananda looked at him smiling and told the Englishman, there is a stone lying nearby, pick him up.

The British brought the stone, now Swamiji said to him, wrap this stone in a cloth and tie it around your waist.

After tying the stone from the waist, Swamiji told the Englishman, now you go and come after 2 hours. Then I will answer your questions, but keep in mind that you do not open this cloth from your waist.

The Englishman left from there, due to the weight of the stone, he was having difficulty walking, so he reached Swamiji 1 hour earlier..and started telling him, let me ask you no questions, Now I am removing this stone from my waist.

Swamiji looked smiling towards the Englishman and said - "That is why in our India, mother is given a higher status than God, you could not keep this stone tied to your waist even for an hour … and mother gave us all 9 months in her stomach. "

No matter how big a storm comes? But it does not allow us to suffer any kind of damage.


No matter how big difficult moment come in life, but never leave your mother and father, because when you were little, they did not leave your hand even for a moment.

Thank You!

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