The God-Fearing Gods!

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God-fearing is a commonly used word, however, it is a lie. God-fearing word arises out of the fear within. Grace has no fear at all. Hence, it is a lie word. Thus, fearing vs fearless is what we learn when understanding the Grace of God.

Is the Feeling of Being Unsecured Driving You?

Fearing also shows unsecured feeling or thinking. The feeling of insufficiency is also fear. So, going fearless or having no fear at all is the Grace within our heart. Man made gods out of fear and named them religion wise. Thus, vain religions are also seen in this world, however, they are fruitless.

All gods of the world are actual depiction of the fear within whereas the God of Grace is the God that is spiritual only and has no form in the outside world. Thus, God of Grace is unconditional love only and has no physical existence like idols, beliefs, books or statues and even worship places too.

The Presence of God and the Spirit of God

Unconditional love is within us and it cannot be found outside unless it is within. So, those who visit the temples, mosques and churches for god-fearing gods should know that they are religion based gods created by human fear.

Human soul has fear because of uncertainty instead of surety. Assurance is only from the Grace of God when Holy Spirit is present. Otherwise, fear cannot be overcome purely. Purity comes from wisdom above and from true heaven. With God's spirit, we have fearless life.

Thus, god-fearing can be overcome when we have God loving spirit. The fruit of Holy Spirit has fruit that is courageous and fearless. God gave us the spirit that has no fear. So, being led by the spirit of God has no law and no fear too. However, the absence of God is fearful and hence filled with fear too.

The 'tear and wear' and 'this and that' trial of the soul are fearful, painful and full of discomfort. It can all be overcome by the fearless spirit of God of Grace. There is peace only with the presence of God of Grace. Peace in the presence of God and His spirit of Goodness only.

Though, I have nothing against the worship centres and the gods of the world, my main intention is only to generate awareness of fearless life. The life with fear is a nightmare and I have experienced it badly in my life until I found the presence of God.

The presence of God is amazing Grace without which we cannot live a fearless life. The fear within is overcome with the presence of the spirit of God. This needs deep thinking and actual welcoming of the spirit of God in our life. Only after we stop depending upon our own thinking and then ask God for being led by the spirit of God, we find the Grace of God.

Fear-Driven Activities

The main problems arise when we depend upon own human thinking and then make gods out of our fear. In India, there are gods everywhere and in everything. Gods in animals, shoes, insects, food and idols. There are many beliefs, rituals and traditions and all are made out of human fears within. However, when Grace comes, all the old fears are transformed into new fearless life.

Fear drives one towards many beliefs, orthodox imagination and illusions too. Following the illusions is blindness, however, knowing the truth is awareness. Thus, following the god-fearing gods is out of blindness and knowing the God of Grace is a result of truth.

Fear makes one do many weird things. Not only live a sleepless life, but also act like a ghost even when ghost does not exists in real. So, it is all human made evil world in the absence of God. The fear also drives one towards wickedness instead of pure mercy.

Human Intelligence may Fail, Grace Never Fails

Know the truth and depending upon the guidance of the spirit of God within keeps us in unity with God of Grace. Thus, resulting in peace only. This is more important than any personal experience. Grace is above all the experiences of the world. At the time of need, Grace works fearlessly and definitely. Hence the 'to and fro' trials of human always fail.

Also, Grace is not based on trial and errors. So, a human experience may not work as perfectly as God's Grace works. Human intelligence fails often, but God's Grace works in perfection. Thus, perfection is by the Grace of God only and not by human intelligence.

Article purely written by @puregrace
(I am not influenced by any books, religion or any person. Whatever I have written is from my pure senses of Grace, Mercy and Peace being led by the spirit of God of Grace only. My intention is to love the world unconditionally and not to condemn it in anyway)

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