Have you ever tried an ostrich egg? 您尝试过鸵鸟蛋了吗?

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📍 Valencia, Spain

In the Central Market of Valencia you can buy ostrich eggs! Eggs are the most difficult thing to carry because they need a lot of protection from all the bumpy roads. We decided not to buy one, but if we ever needed one, we know where they are for sale!

📍 西班牙巴伦西亚

在瓦伦西亚的中央市场,您可以购买鸵鸟蛋! 鸡蛋是最难携带的东西,因为它们需要在所有不平的道路上提供大量保护。 我们决定不买一个,但是如果我们需要一个,我们知道它们在哪里出售!


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