My fifteen year old man !!! Poetry.

2년 전

This little poetry is dedicated to my son @carlosega, who just turned 15 years old.

We always dedicate beautiful notes to women to reach that age, but not men.

My Quinceañero Peferido.

Fifteen years of beautiful and perfect company.

One more year that brings us many joys.

Intense, in your walk, a great soccer player that you want to reach.

Nothing stops you, you are a passionate and fast being in what you want.

You begin a stage of life, that I predict a lot of happiness and goals that you will reach.

In life you have everything you want, and a great man, of many values, I have achieved it in you, fly high and begin to deserve all the life you want to travel.

I love you, son of my heart, I wish you to live many more years, always full of blessings, successes and love with your family.

Thanks for reading, I'm Raquel del V.

Pictures of my property.

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