I present to you my new friend

3년 전

On this occasion I would like to introduce my new friend, Antonio the mushroom, who is at the entrance of the university where I work.

I didn't know him until two days ago that the security man was staring at him at the entrance of the university compound, I must confess that I am very intrigued to see Mr. Antonio deeply focused on something.

Seeing so much concentration, I decided to approach him and ask him what he saw with so much concentration and he immediately answered me: look at what is in our university professor, I don't know what it's called, nor his scientific name but it's beautiful. without hesitation I took my cell phone and photographed it.

If you know what the scientific name of this beautiful creation of nature is, don't hesitate to comment, in the meantime it will be called Mr. Antonio in honor of my security friend.

Camera: iPhone 8From 4.7Model A1863, photos by me

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Guau un hongo de soporte,
eso es grandioso mi estimado parece un ganoderma pero no estoy seguro recuerda que la mitología es una rama muy diversa, y si en algo hay que tener cuidado es con nuestros amigos hongos que nos pueden matar en un santiamén, de que algunos hongos de soporte de pueden usar en infusiones pero es mejor tener mucha claridad en el asunto, seguiremos investigando a ver si lo encontramos, oye te dejo mi voto por otra fuente llegara por un bot que es una forma alterna que uso por razones de voting power.