Our trip from Newcastle and new contest with 60 Steem to win!

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Hello dear Steemians,






Those of you who really reading and following my posts know that we have holiday and were on the way from Sunday to Monday, enjoying the ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden, this is one of the port city in North Holland.




Luckily we have had nice weather, it was cloudy but no rain so enjoyable to drive, as it was Sunday in Scotland and on the way to Newcastle it was no traffic and we arrived quite quickly.

Despite of being so close to Brexit time it was no hectic at the passport control, actually we were allowed to pass without checks, maybe because we travel quite often and already in "whitelist" of that route.

The ferry was quite empty too, we really enjoyed our trip over night, no noise and luckily stillwater.

Just before departure we were walking on deck just to see how it looks like from the 9th and 10th deck, it was nice little fisher boat decided to leave the post and was accompanied with a lot of seagulls. Of course being a fan of sea life and boats I had to make a picture of it.









On arrival we have had quick check out with passport control and arrived without any delay. Actually I slept almost the half way and for me it was a quick trip.



new Contest


As you may noticed we started a new Contest dedicated to Action Character and now with the help of our Sponsonrs we have 60 Steem to Win:


The distribution is different this time but the rules remain the same.

Please read carefully and we will be happy to see your submissions.
Good luck!

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Lovely post @stef1,

The post communicates.....one can hear the screeching of the gulls in the beautiful photographs

....and the still water lapping at the sides of the ferry whilst you slept.

Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday! ^__^



Thank you @bentleycapital for your lovely comment. You are right it is always a lot of noises of such hooligans like seagulls, but it is not possible to imagine sea and fisher boats without them. I usually have motion sickness so always have my tablets with me but this time did not use any, I am so glad about that :)
I wish you and your family nice week :)

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A wonderful trip and the sea is always so soothing :)). It's nice to know, @stef1, that You got a lot of positive things on Your way in these travels :))


Thank you @madlenfox you are right I love sea but always have "Titanic" in my mind when we take ferry:)

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