TWO YEARS ON STEEMIT: My Art Gallery in last 365 days!

2년 전



Hello dear Steemians,


It is a special day for us, we are TWO years on Steemit and still remaining active members of this wonderful blockchain. Therefore, like last year I invite you in my ART GALLERY, the works I created from August 2018 till August 2019.


After we survived the first year and have learnt many different people and projects it became easy to develop our relationship and create a new project that also supporting Art @Art-venture we did not know how successful it will be because it is always difficult to start up something new but luckily it is still existing and supports the undervalued Artists with upvotes and guidance also lately we started to run Contest and by today it was already the third one. It is nice to see that people are engaged and that is something that makes Steemit platform to live.

Nevertheless, we would not be able to be there without the support of many of our friends and followers, therefore we would like to mention them.



Our Loyal Supporters:


First of all, we are glad to be able to name our old friend @xpilar from Norway, who is from the very beginning with us, he believes in Steem and promotes it wherever possible. There are many other users and projects that he supports. But also he creates digital Art, I think everyone may find interesting, futuristic and just beautiful Art.

Also I would like to thank Norwegian friends: @reflektor , @hingsten , @bippe , @bigpower , @karja and @heidimarie , @helle , @harkar , @camilla


Also our great appreciation for @slowwalker the same like @xpilar he is a supporter of our @Art-venture project.

Our friends in South East Asia: despite of using Google-translator we still communicate and understand each other: @ultraseven, @veronicalee, @oldstone, @wisdomandjustice


We noticed that last year we have had more people from German community, but the only who remained from that bunch is @andyjaypowell. Andy, du warst einer der ersten aus der deutschen Community und jetzt bist du der „Letzte der Mohikaner“ aus Deutschland. Danke dass du noch immer da bist!

My thanks to My Russian language speaking community: @may2015, @forestdweller, @adversus, @valentinca @cranium, @mister-omortson, @snowpiggy, @alexanderfluke

Photo-community: @brianhphotos, @always1success, @pepe.maya, @cyclamen, @armentor, @chorock, @amuchtar, @sultan-aceh, @jznsamuel, @tomhall, @emmamia, @m31, @cyclamen,@dine77, @trinkowski

My Artist community: @bleujay, @bentleycapital, @iansart, @berien, @madlenfox, @pipoune, @maxwellmarcusart, @sweettais, @dutybound, @theonlyway, @cryptopie

@NTopaz with the whole team, but special thanks and appreciation to extraordinary people there @georgeboya, @livvu, @yanes94, who made my time in @NTopaz team so nice and enjoyable, where I really felt to be among the friends.


The Art curation trials:


@artzone, @helpie, @c-squared, @minnowsupport, also thanks to Art contest runners @juliakponsford, @isaria

And our great appreciation for @Steempress team for possibility to post using their plug-in and @theunion for supporting our Art blog.


We thank everyone and really apologize if we forgot anyone.


We love to read YOUR POSTS and try to comment every single when I have time. Usually the management of our account me and my hubby do together, we stopped Self-upvote for long time because we have YOU, our friends. We would better upvote someone else rather then ourselves, the upvotes we do all manual.



Soft pastel works:


Soft pastel: Portraits




Soft pastel: Greek sculptures




Soft pastel: Mix




Watercolor works:


Watercolor: Seascapes




Watercolor: Architecture




Watercolor: Portraits




Acrylic works:


Acrylic Sea and sunset




Acrylic Beauty of woman




Acrylic Mixed topic








We appreciate your loyalty and without YOU we would not come so far we are just now.

As always,

Yours, @Stef1 and @myskye








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Congratulations for well done first two years, best wishes for the next one.


Thank you very much @karja for your nice wishes, like you we hope for the best let's see what the time brings, we hope for the best :)

What an outstanding and fruitful 2 years! How many successes and achievements! I congratulate You on this stage. You have created so many beautiful works and managed to unite so many talented people in Your project. Your activity in the community is highly appreciated and I will not tire of thanking You again and again for Your support. So nice to see Your positive attitude and focus on the further development of the art of the project, despite such difficult times for Steemit. I wish You many new followers, creative successes and further prosperity.


Thank you Madlen for your nice words, it feels really like a birthday to see so many nice people around and to hear such supportive feedback. We do what we can in order to keep Steem attractive we are all interested in the growth of Steem activity and strong blockchain :)

Congratulations @stef1 for 2 years on Steemit, time is running fast

Thanks for your kind words about me

I first got to know you when I saw a painting you posted on Steemit
and liked your creative art, especially the ships you paint.

I also really enjoyed the stories you added to your paintings with the ships.

You and your husband do a great job on this platform with the @Art-venture.
Many can now see the great art from others that you present through @Art-venture magazine.

Without Steemit, we would not have known each other.

Steemit is an opportunity for everyone


Thank you for your nice words. I absolutely agree with your opinion. This is a chance for people to get together and learn many interesting people, cultures and their places that sometimes we maybe never visit.

Well said:

Steemit is the opportunity for everyone!

Wow, so many artworks! Some i see for the first time Stef, the pirate and viking boats look amazing:) I am wishing you many more years and many more artworks. We should also thank you for all the value you added to the community those 2 years by creating, curating, engaging with comments and contests and checking for abusers and spammers:)


Thank you George, it is always nice to hear from you and to surprise you with some of my previous works. It is nice that you like my ships, it was the time I did a lot of sailing ships and boats, recently the range of my Artworks became a bit wider. Nevertheless, sea and ships remain my favorite topic :)

It is such a lovely post, and i'm glad to figure in it. It's very nice to see all you've done during this year, you made a lot of very beautiful artworks. Nice to have cross your path, hope we will spend other years to show our works and progressions ! ;)


Thank you @pipoune I am glad you have seen this post it is like a trailer of the past year. Looking back I also get surprised how many of them done, it is nice to create and of course every time to learn the same time. I hope too that we will see more of you. You are like a gemstone, who has a lot of potential, I hope many other people will discover you for themselves :)


Thank you so much!! :)

Congratulations, it's great seeing all the artworks in one place. Thanks for all the value you bring to the art community on the steem blockchain!


Thank you Ian, you are right it is nice to have them in one post time to time, only then you realize how many of them already. It is nice to see you again and to hear your supportive words.

Fantastic and colorful works. Looks like you love seascape paintings the more.

So nice to see @art-venture clock 2 years. @stef1 you've really bern doing great works with @art-venture by supporting and guiding artists who make traditional works. I appreciate that a lot.

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Hi Max, it is @stef1 account is 2 years, but @Art-venture will be only one year. But anyway, it is nice to hear your warm wishes and thank you for stopping by :)


Oh really? Thank you for the correction.

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch🍾
Auf dass es noch viele Jahre werden😁
Die Galerie ist echt beeindruckend!!!


Vielen Dank Tom für die Glückwünsche.

Man merkt kaum wie schnell die Zeit vergeht, nur wenn man zurück blickt und auf die ganzen gemalten Arbeiten schaut dann wird es klar wie lang ein Jahr ist.
Es freut mich das dir unsere Post gefallen hat, die Vorbereitung dauerte fast den ganzen Vormittag. Aber….. anscheint hat es sich gelohnt :)


Der Vormittag hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt😁

WOW... this is very cool art here what I see :) I like this blue ocean and ship :)


Thank you @foxkoit for your viewing, that blue painting is also my favorite :)


Cool .. :) I hope you frame it :)

Я Вами восхищаюсь. Вы сохдали огромное количество картин за этот год.


Спасибо Алех за Ваш комплимент. Это деиствительно большое количество, несмотря на то что в этом году я публикую каждый второй день :)

Congratulations Stef1, beautiful gallery !


Thank you @inspirada for your viewing and nice words :)

Oh, this is a great event! Congratulations!

Congratulations @stef1! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Thank you for your congratulation @steemitboard!

Happy Steemanniversary!

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Thank you very much :)

Congrats on your second Steemversary, @stef1 :D !!! What a showcase of talent and productivity! Well done !!!

Your presence at Steemit has been a boon to the platform <3 I wish you many more awesome years ahead, @stef1 :)


Thank you very much @veryspider for your nice words. It is really noticeable when we look back to see everything that was done during the year. I hope to keep creating and be able to showcase more works next summer :)

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you @helpiecake for such delicious looking cake, it is a pleasure to see you and your trail :)

Greetings @stef1,

Happy Steemit Birthday!

You and your husband have done much to enrich the Steemit experience......thank you so much.

This is a lovely superb post......such a pleasure to see all your work categorised so beautifully.

All the best to you and yours. ^__^



Hi @bleujay and thank you for your nice words and to be with us accompanying our journey for a long time. Always appreciate your warm supportive words and advises :) Cheers, @stef1 and @myskye

congratulation for your two years Stef1 ! and thanks for sharing your works enjoyed to watch them, i like that you work with different mediums .

have a great day :)


Thank you very much @adelepazani.ccc for your nice words and congratulation :)

@stef1 Congratulations on your anniversary at steemit, thank you very much for the mention.
that us it has really been a great pleasure to support such a splendid job.


Thank you for your nice words to our anniversary and I am glad that such project like you existing. :)

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Thank you @theunion, I am glad to see you here on this day :)

Congratulations on your years in the community, your works are incredible and really inspire everyone, you have a lot of diversity, there is something for everyone [I still think you have a delirium for the sea and the ships, you also make them amazing] and you have done with Successful different techniques and style. For me it is an honor to have known you my school has been Steemit and I am learning from what I see and you are a person that I admire a lot and that has impelled me to try new things [Materials that I had, but that I did not use for fear], You have grown a lot and each drawing is better than the other, you and your magazine are fundamental pillars for artists in Steemit.

Congratulations again dear Stef and success for those who come.

PS: You keep me a piece of cake.


Thank you Carmen for this lovely message with supporting warm words. I think we both learn more of Art thank Steemit and that is something that helps some people to to return to their hobbies and just to be able to communicate. I am glad to meet you here and hope to see more of you in the future if internet in your country allows :)


They are really sincere words, I admire and respect what you do, you are right I agree with you, #Steemit has been the school of many and the possibility of being able to meet people who share the same passion, so to speak.

I have had the pleasure of finding friends with whom I have shared incredible moments, whenever I can and meet them more.

The Internet is worse but I hope it improves, so as not to lose what you do. ;)