We are Steemians: the thoughts behind Downvotes and the respect to each other !




Hello dear Steemians,


You might all noticed recent change in the system of rewards on Steemit and also that there are many people using that in right and fair way but there are some who always will do downvotes just because they may think that this or another post is in their opinion not good enough.


I wanted to draw your attention to this post that made me scared to see how easy to destroy someone’s Steemit life:




I just wanted to mention that ONE year ago when me and @myskye decided to create a curation account for undervalued Artist, we asked for the support and delegation. I do not want to mention many Communities and some Steemians, who declined it, but @slowwalker himself was the first one who delegated us his Steem Power without asking anything in respond.




Who we are Steemians:


First of all, we are all different personalities, we are from different countries, cultures, we are grown up in different societies with their own values, views, political positions and religions.

Some of us live and enjoy in free Western World, with freedom of Speech and our Opinions and we call it Democracy. I am lucky and really grateful to be one of them.

We take it as normal and think that it should be everywhere like that, especially in the World Wide Web where nowadays many of us found their own world and friends on such social media like instagram, facebook and Co.

For us it is Steem, that is the place where we found many interesting people and personalities from wealthy countries and from developing countries, some of them we even do not from where but who cares, we just like to communicate with those people and if we understand each other it is no matter where we live. This place became our home. When posting we share our daily life and in the past we never worried about what we are writing about, but now we have to be careful as some people may find our post not good enough, not interesting enough and just downvote it.





What is good and what is bad posts:



Recently seeing what happening around, I have a feeling that you may receive downvote if someone thinks that :

  • your post does not have good photographs…- but we are not professional photographer, we just simple user of cameras

  • your post is not written in perfect English language…- but hey, for many people English language is not the mother language and we should not forget that those ones can speak and write at least in TWO LANGUAGES in their mother language and English.

  • the stories and pictures are not interesting enough…- that is in my opinion should be individual for everyone, because, we can’t all have the same taste, we are different, we are multi-cultural and that makes it good mix of everything.

Just remember “Star Trek” where many different species live in harmony in inter-galactic alliance :-)



Be careful with downvotes:


Me and @myskye do not like downvote system, as many who downvote they never leave a message to explain why they made this decision, that in its place can cause the Downvote War, or the Clash of the titants, and that never has a good end.


For dowvoter’s luck they do not see the persons face to face, being behind the keyboard and not knowing who you are downvoting is easy. It is like to make a break with a friend via SMS.
Being on social media, many of us use their Nicknames, we do not know if that person may be a retired Grandpa or Grandma whose hobby now to travel and post about that, or maybe a respected Professor and winner of some awards or maybe the one is just a 16 year old who was lucky enough, bought and invested his savings 3 years ago in Bitcoin and Steem because he believed in it and now has strong Steem Power.



Here on Steemit we forgot about simple respect to each other, understanding and patience that we have in our real life. Why we happily destroy someone’s daily diary, hobby and do not understand that we hurt them and just will make some people to leave the platform, this is not a good advertisement for the platform and definitely will not attract investors.

At the end we just wanted to ask everyone to be more careful with what you do, be clever with that power of Up-and-Downvoting. Remember there is always a personality behind the User name and who knows maybe you are the next target of downvote trail.

So please... if you want to downvote someone's post,

then leave a comment to explain why YOU ;-) made this decision.

( and do not wait until the 6th downvote )







As always, yours @stef1 and @myskye



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Thank you @stef1 and @myskye.


Thank you @bentleycapital for your comment, I am pleased to know that you have noticed this post and was grateful for reading it :)


Greetings @stef1,

Apologies, There was no time to write anything earlier but knew I must at least say 'thank you' for writing with regard to this controversial subject.

This has been on my mind all the day long.....how very sorry I am that it has come to this sort of irresponsible activity and against somebody who does so much.....from investing to posting to curating manually, etc. which I so appreciate. My own foreboding concerning the use of downvotes could not have imagined it would come to this.

Your well written post addresses the very thing which makes Steemit so very special and that is the wide diversity it can accommodate and the knowledge of others around the world....and of course to continue to do so requires an open mind.

Cheers from b/b.....


Hi @bentleycapital and @bleujay thank you for your nice comment and of course I can understand that sometimes we just have to rush and have no time for writing but it was noticeable your support even in this few words.

I really appreciate to hear your opinion and the way of your expressions, I am always fascinated with the way of wisdom and diplomacy of your expressions as well as your manner.

Thank you for being a part of this comment discussions.
By the way, I like that abbreviation b/b :) Wishing you nice rest of the week :)

Funny how some newbies unaware of the good old deeds of some folks here just try to impose what they think is right. Makes me wonder whether they've tried looking at things here, through their target's perspective.

Though oldies and newbies both matter in this ecosystem, Imho, we must not forget the fact that the more oldies we have staying here, the more credible and attractive this ecosystem would look like for investors. If we drive each other away, how are we going to grow and achieve being the most used platform and make the Steem price rise? It was when more people adapted to using BTC that it hit it's 20k, wasn't it? How wonderful it would be to have the Steem price hit even a hundred.

Ditto on respect, if we could just give each other that - the world would be a much better place. Although we probably all have a point to make - downvoter and those who are being downvoted, "living and letting live" is still more effective to drive this platform to a higher success. History has seem to repeat itself when it used to rain downvotes back when it was Steemit's first year and in a few months the price has bottomed at that time. Am not a fan of that downvote button, it seems to create more negativity here but who knows it may actually fix the system plus, evil and good seem to have to exist edit to be able to distinct one from the other.

Imho, it's because if one outsider would take a look at the platform for the first time they'd probably get directed to the trending first and then they'd see the comment thread on the post there and if it so happen that they landed on the post and they read on the arguement on the downvotes it have, just imagine ...no matter how much euro or dollar you have to buy Steem would you be encouraged to - knowing that the moment you step in here and post something you are capable of - would be downvoted? I reckon you won't.

Although the original purpose of curating content is - because they add value, Imho, people matter more than just their content, besides ... just because one post is not meeting "English Profeciency" does not mean it's a poor quality content nor not adding value at all. It may not to some but it may to some plus .. who are we to decide whether something has value or not?

I'm pretty optimistic when it comes to people - in my early years here, I may have done considerably stupid things that may have led some to having negative feelings over me and those are the moments I regret the most so my personal advice to those who have enough RC - before you click on that red button - think about how you'd also feel if it has been done to you. It would be hard gluing back shattered pieces of a broken mirror so does fixing burned bridges.

We may all have good intentions all for the good of Steem but none of us really know whether our method of doing it would really bring us any good nor would really decide for the success of Steemit because nobody holds the future. Perhaps, if there would be more curators who could help find and curate value filled post so they get properly rewarded then more value filled/ high quality content would get to trending. If the many huge steem power holders would up that post who knows - perhaps they get to trend more and perhaps, Steemit would look more attractive?

Who knows - because we can't tell about the future.

Imho, it's more important to respect the existence of who is here now and live and let live - whoever said that quote.


Thank you very much @englishtchrivy for such comprehensive feedback and thoughts. You touched all the sides of the topics and also it was interesting to hear your own experience of being on Steemit for such a long time.

I like you way of open mind and tolerance and this is what we need on this platform only when we are diplomatic and respectful to each other, with polite attitude that may change the platform to the best. I wish you nice day and thanks again for stopping by :)

Dear Stef i am using my downvotes but only at posts that where the abuse is more than obvious. An hour ago i downvoted a post titled "Will altcoins be back?", it had 5 lines of text, no info about sth important and 40$ value. I checked your example and i agree with you, it was not a post deserving a downvote. I do not know how things will turn out in the future, so far i see a better trending page but not what i expected. I would like to see more art and more creation if we want more people to come at Steem. Lets hope for the best, live long and prosper:)


Thank you for your opinion George, as always appreciate for sharing your thoughts about such hot topic. Agree with you, it is not possible to predict how the things will turn out in the future and I just hope that people will use their common sense and respect as well as tolerance.

I hope the people who decided now to use their power for manual curation will use it clever and really support those who are creative and positive to help them to show their talents no matter in what field it is. My favorite quote of Mr. Spock:

Mr. Spock.JPG


I am hoping fo the best too:) Such a beautiful drawing, i love the shadowplay:)

Nobody is perfect. If you don't like something or someone made mistske in his/her post, I think is better to give him or her suggestion, correction or warning first than out rightly downvoting the person.

Meanwhile, I love that star trek painting. The effect of light and shadow you redered on it is great.

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Thank you Max, you are right, we are human species with a lot of different emotions, characters and views. I think it is good to start a dialog if someone sees that something needs to be changed, but not immediately downvoting. Appreciate your opinion :)

~Smartsteem Curation Team


Thank you @smartsteem for your attention, I am glad that your guys visiting this post and read it. Especially to know that curation teams of Steemit communities have paid attention makes me happy to know that it was not just lost of the time and my words :)

Comparto tus ideas e impresiones en relación a la facilidad con la que ahora puedes hacer voto negativo e igualmente recibirlos de otros steemians.

Especialmente cuando lo hacen libremente. Encontré una cuenta dedicada a votar negativamente y quede sorprendido.

Reconozco que el voto negativo es necesario para dar orden pero como dices, hay muchas razones "sin sentido" por la que las usan.


Thank you @joslud for your comment. Luckily we have google-translator that helps us to understand each other, no matter what language we speak. Important is that we think in the same language of understanding and tolerance to each other. Appreciate your opinion :)

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Thank you c-squared for supporting this post :)

The best picture, i always like all your post, great art

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Thank you @tya.saputy for your nice words about my works and for stopping by :)

Id be more interested to see comments explaining why we up voted someone. I would think most know why they get down voted.

i.e I up voted this post because i loved the pictures, vote weight was lowered as i didn't necessarily agree with what was written and i'm trying to save my voting manna lol.

Either way point taken. I will think about leaving a comment next time:)


Hi @michealb, thank you for your thoughts and your position to this subject. It is of course nice to know why people upvoted our posts, to tell the truth people upvote more than downvote. It is time comsuming properly read and comment those posts that you like. But as it is we are all busy in our real life. Like me, last 4 days I have had 4 days of 12,5 hours shifts and when I returned home I had only power to eat a bit and just to sleep. Those days I can upvote but physically have no power for comments, but I know that I will make those people happy with my attention.

On other hand downvoting you may completely turn the day of someone into misery, as that person will break his head thinking what he did wrong in order to deserve it. That is why in my opinion it is more important to explain why someone decided to hurt someone rather why make someone happy. Hope it does make sense?

One of the things that almost made me quit just a few months after I joined was the downvoting whales. A known whale decided to downvote every single one of my posts and comments because I disagreed with him, on one of his posts. In a few seconds I saw my reputation down to negative values and I was unable to upload photos...

And all of that because I had a different opinion of his.

From that day, I never went to the damned Trending Tab again. And I won't ever will.


Ooh i'm sorry for that !! It is so injust! Yes, big accounts can really makes difference to little ones, but both in the good and the bad...


I can understand what you mean @trinkowski, as in a real life we need to choose careful who we will upvote comment or downvote. As we do not see the person, we do not know who is there and what his reaction will be. In real life we will not criticize those neighbors, colleagues, people who we know that they will get crazy and turn your life into hell. The same up here. I am glad that you somehow sorted that problem and still remained on Steemit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinion :)


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Thank you @helpicake for supporting this post and for your attention. I am pleased to have your attention as one of the sweetest community curator, it is always nice to have a piece of cake for my work:)

Thanks for your beautiful post. I join your words, and this downvote principle can really be scary. Some people can be very severe! I mean, we are not in school, we don't need to be punish if we produce not so good content. A comment with advices to improve ourself will be so much more appreciate. Every functionnality have both good and bad sides. And i hope, in the future, Steemians will be attentive of not abusing of this system! We are here just for share things to each other, not to punish others.
Take care of you my friend, and thank you so much for all the support you give to this beautiful community !!


Hi dear @pipoune I am always glad to hear from you, it is interesting to know what young people think about that and appreciate you sharing your position too. I hate when people do something bad but not explain why, in my life I had such situation and that hurts. No matter if it is cyber world or real the emotions and impact on our soul is real.

I hope like you that there will be more people who will behave themselves more respectful, I am pretty sure they also wanted to be respected in respond. Thank you for your comment :)

Respekt ist das wichtigste!


Vielen Dank, Tom, für deine Meinung. Bei dieser Gelegenheit erinnerte ich mich an ein altes Sprichwort:

"Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus." :)


Das Sprichwort stimmt auf jeden Fall👍

Thank you for this post. I completely agree with you. We're not professionals here (well maybe someone is), I use this platform just to blogging, mostly about myself and some moments in my life. Just few words and pic.
And if someone think it's shit post and scam I don't care. But it would be ethical or at least fair to explain why, so we should discuss this.
Funny, in fact, morously, it seems to me that the goal of disabling the voting bots in this new move has made a counterproductive effect. Now the downvote bots have appeared.
On the other hand, I think Steem has changed attention no longer on blogs but on creating decentralised apps.
Unfortunately, what is done is done.


Thank you @seckorama for your opinion and I am sorry for late reply. It is a new tool their and as children we glad to try to use it in right or wrong way. I hope only that with time people will get annoyed with that and everything will get better :)


Потрясающие мазки кистью! Ваши работы как всегда- на высоте:)


Спасибо Таис, нашла мои рисунки с Лого Стеема, подошли хорошо к этой теме. Давно не рисовала акрилом, надо вернуться для практики.

I think it's a fair ask to have downvoters explain why they have downvoted. Even when we look at Facebook, they also do not have the "dislike" button which many people are asking for. Why? First, nobody likes to receive negativity/reprimands, especially in the public. Second, there are many online trolls who just do negative stuff for the fun of it.

Here on Steem, we have the downvote system and we should take it positively. If you do not like something, at least help the author improve by leaving a note


Thank you @culgin for your opinion, I absolutely agree. Recently I read that in some social media where they have such system people especially young, teenagers, or very sensitive, they get stressed as they can't get what they want and become depressive and that is not healthy for anyone, because having something negative we just feel bad even without any reason. it is widely spread now on Steem that people just downvote and when you look into their blog and will see that they is not posting so that they receive no downvoted but just downvoting others most likely for fun.


That's precisely the case why FB doesn't want to implement a dislike button. If too much negativity exist on a platform, people leave. Most people can't accept it. We live in a world where people just want to see the good stuff

You need to stop seeing downvotes as some sort of attack. It's simply a disagreement with the amount of rewards allocated to a post. Everyone has different opinions on what is an appropriate level of reward, so the votes received reflect that. Not to mention, most downvoting seems to be targetting specifically abuse of the rewards system. And thank god people are addressing this problem. It's part of the reason why steem is so undervalued.


Hi @revo, thank you for your opinion, really appreciate you stopping by and sorry for late reply, was really busy with my work. I can understand what you mean and normally in ideal world it is the case but it is commonly so that people just downvoting for fun. See that comment that was left in one of the users comments when after the person downvoted teh other few times but when at the end he was downvoted by that person he felt it not fair and written:

"Cmon man. Why is you flagging me. I was just trying to get your attention so i could be a part of the circle jerk you and exyle have going on before the whales start flagging you after they clean the trending page..

Cmon. Vote for vote. You vote my junk and ill vote your junk.
Isnt that how it works?"

That is sad to see what people think and how they use the new tool. What I asked in my post is just to tell in comment why the person decided to downvote this or that post, because if we upvote we leave a message why not to do when we downvote? Have a nice day...