Committed [A 50 Word Short]

3년 전

Alan fought against the orderlies holding him back. “Veronica, no!”

“You’re a danger to yourself.” She signed the forms then removed her sunglasses, revealing a black eye. “And to me.”

Alan stopped fighting. Had he done that? He hadn’t meant to.

He walked into the asylum. Maybe he was crazy.

This is my story for the @jayna's #fiftyword challenge. Prompt for this week is "danger."

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I have a feeling that he was not.

Ooh. Interesting! I don't know who to believe. I agree with @mydivathings. Maybe he isn't crazy. It almost seems like she may be framing him for something he didn't do. But who knows. Let me know if this becomes a longer story, @therosepatch! I'm so curious.


Ooooh, honestly hadn't thought of the idea that he was being framed or made to believe that he was crazy. Hmm...


We are here to help! 🤣