Steem Private Group - How to join our trail

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Steem Private Group - How to join our trail


Hello dear Steemians!

Our Steem Private Group in telegram is growing day by day. We have just started to share quality content in our channel. In order to be able to share your posts in our communitychannel you will need to follow our trail.

Since there is a lot of people asking on how to join our curation trail on steemauto here a short guide!

Step 1: Register at Steemauto

Go to the website:

register with your details:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-27 um 14.17.23.png

When you press the blue button "Register" you will get a message like this below:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-27 um 14.19.45.png

(important: Don't use the information in the picture, you will get your own memo!)

After you have send 0.001 SBD to @steemauto with the memo you received you need to press "REGISTER" again. After that you are registered and should be able to login with your details!

Step 2: Connect your steemaccount with steemauto

Once you are logged in you will need to connect your steemaccount with steemauto. After you click the button "SteemConnect" you will have to enter your steempassword and username.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-27 um 14.24.50.png

After that your steemautoaccount is ready to go!!

Step 3: Join curation trail of #steemprivate

When you successfully connected your steemaccount with steemauto you will find this in your dashboard:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-27 um 14.27.09.png

  1. Press "Curation Trail
  2. Search for "minatubo"
  3. Follow

You are now following the trail of our community #steemprivate! We will upvote all blogs we share in our channel! If you are part of our trail you can also submit your blogs and we will concider sharing them in our channel.

If this sounds interesting for you but you are not yet part of our community feel free to join us on telegram:

Steem Private Group

Steem Private Channel

In order for our concept to work it is very important to join both Chat & Channel and follow the simple rules that are pinned in our chats.

Steemprivate tag

If you are part of our community in telegram you can use the tag:


The community will try its best to support you with upvotes!

Never heared of telegram?


Telegram is a App. It has its own chatplattform just like "Whats App" but it is widely more spread in the cryptocurrencyworld. If you don't have it yet you can download it here easily on your iphone or android. There is also a Desktop version if you prefer that.


Downloadlink for mac


Downloadlink for android

Version for Computer:

Open on Computer


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This is a very good idea to teach how to follow a trail. Am sure members will find it very useful

Can I join other curation trails or should I only join @minatubo?
Thanks nice post.


You can join others also, but we recommend checking your settings then otherwise your votepower will just be drained! Offcourse if you support us its better to stay just in our trail! feel free to ask anything in our telegramchat also!

Very nice guide,i know that not many members know how to follow a curation trail. Thank You

permit me to use private steem in each of my posts.
hopefully we can stay in touch with private steem teg


As long as the content is from yourself and good feel free my friend! Thats what our tag is here for!



thank you my friend

It's a really good idea, thanks for sharing I would like to be there.