[ANN] Introducing SteemProjects.com - information about all Steem projects in one place!

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From the very beginning of Steem, its biggest strength has always been the same: great community. For the last 2 years hundreds of Steem-based projects have been created.

The number of projects is so huge that it's almost impossible to track even the most promising ones. The Steem ecosystem is still very young and quite difficult to grasp. The truth is that for any platform to be successful, every user needs to be able to find an app that suites them the most.

Therefore I decided to create:


Directory of apps, sites and tools built by Steem community.

What is Steem Projects about?

A detailed description of every project

One of the goals is to show to the world how big and active our community is. Every project has a dedicated page, where one can find the most important information about it, such as:

  • The name and description of the project
  • Links to the project website, its announcement, the team's contact details
  • A special section for developers: link to the repository and basic stats
  • And my favorite: the project timeline



  • A gallery showcasing various functionalities:


How to find your favorite project?

There are a couple of ways...

Dynamic search


Category browser


All projects search


Personal favorites


When you find a project you like, make sure to add it to a special list called favorites :)

add to favorites.gif

In the near future SteemProjects will also be able to send weekly customized newsletters about all updates related to the projects from your list of favorites.

Compare projects with comparison grids!


For example you can compare SteemProjects with SteemTools:


or you can compare different tools aiming to help you create a Steem Account:


For now there are just a couple of hardcoded examples of comparison grids. Preparing a new comparison grid for different kind of tools requires in-depth knowledge about the ecosystem, therefore in the next release I intend to add the possibility of adding/editing new grids by the users, on their own. Maybe there will be even some contest for best comparison grids :)

IMPORTANT: You can add/edit projects on your own!

The Steem ecosystem is growing rapidly. No-one is able to single-handedly keep up with adding new projects to this website. So if you want to help, please read the guideline, then click Add project:


...and start filling out the forms:


  • Everyone can add a new project as a draft
  • The author of a draft and the team members of a project can edit it
  • Moderators can edit/publish all projects

Want to become a moderator of SteemProjects?

Great, we are looking for people like you! Please contact me on steemit.chat :)

The Team of SteemProjects.com

It would be impossible to create such a project alone, therefore I would like to say big thank you to all my team mates, who have helped me to deliver this project:


I would like to highlight the exceptional role of @andrejcibik, who was always there whenever I needed his graphic skills.

And last but not least, special thanks to my wife @lenka, who not only needed to look after our child, while I was coding, but also decided to help me in a more active way, by testing the entire application on multiple devices and giving me tons of suggestions.

PS. Project is of course open-source. Repository is here: https://github.com/noisy/steemprojects.com :)

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Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!



It was so great of Ned to do that!. I love this new directory. It is good that Ned is bringing more exposure to it. I will definitly resteem this and help to get the word out. I love that steemit is growing more and more each day.


Hmmmm I can't think far
Great mind tho


I'm not on twitter. Very cool though, very cool indeed. Spreading the word!


thank you nice job


certainassets Ned Scott tweeted @ 05 Mar 2018 - 20:32 UTC

Steem Projects is a directory of 287 apps, sites and tools built by the Steem community. Don’t see your project lis… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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This is just what I've been looking for. Thanks for putting it all in one place because we don't know what we don't know when it comes to all of the steem projects out there.


Exactly, well said! I agree :)

I checked out your blog and started following you. I've also worked in art education (with the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs in Minneapolis)


Awesome. Thanks for following. I'm still working on starting my community. The goal is to have programming started next month.


Best wishes, it is a great cause!


You are always awesome.

This is a really cool project, and I am glad that steemit is developing rapidly. It became possible because of people like you. Steemit is revolutionising social media. It's great to have information about all the projects at one place.

That should definitely make things easier!

This is amazing, I didn't realize that there are so many applications already. Besides the applications you mentioned, there are many other weixin based apps about steem. Anyway, the ecosystem of steem is fruitful.

looks lot of project i think we need to get Steemit more brand coverage i was think of sponsoring a sports team let me know you thoughts thanks https://steemit.com/steemit/@newmarket65/does-steemit-needs-to-sponsor-a-sports-team

Great post! This is all new to me, gonna check it out.

Awsome developments :D
GOOOO Steemit

Been looking forward to something like this! This is what the STEEM community needs to help get a grasp on what all is available. I know Steemit is just the start. Thanks for the hard work and dedication! I will be getting more involved this year and look forward to the rest of 2018! Resteem

The steem without you would be so poor.

Thanks for teaching us about steem!

  ·  3년 전

This is super awesome! It has become increasingly difficult to get an overview of the rapidly growing innovations in the steem ecosystem 😉 Thanks for that, good work 👍

Greetings @noisy I love what I have been able to read about this project that you have created ... I feel it is worth having many more readers ...

I wanted to verify if I can make a Spanish version of this publication and if you wish it of any new progress you make of this project!

Very good post my like your post you is super steem power is very so max??? How to use

As a project owner on steem, even as a beginner, this is absolutely awesome. I can't wait to talk to you about this project personally when we next meet!

Keep up the great work, @noisy!

Great work as always. You are a good example of person that deserves to be a witness :)


I thought about that. I already have an infrastructure. I need to admit, that some words of encouragement from people, could help me figure out whether I already have enough support from community :)


I ode mnie też poszedł głos. Świetna robota!


I've allready voted for you :)


I will vote for you as witness too, I will do it now :)

Thanks for teaching us about steem . It is good that Ned is bringing more exposure to it. I will definitly resteem this and help to get the word out. I love that steemit is growing more and more each day. It's help my work . Thanks @noisy


Ned is really bringing more exposure. I am agree with you.

Noisy why are you not a witness? :(

Really great contribution for steemit community, Keep doing good thing.


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a much needed feature - tx for the work


God preserves you ... Continue on like this

This is awesome! I love this! Thank you for the effort simplifying everything to us. And thank you for keep improving Steemit to a great platform.

Wow, this is awesome, it's gonna help us to know all the projects of steem and we can as well contribute to the community. Great job!

More people like you are needed in this space to change the world and humanity.

Great job!

I like your post, post you can add my insight,

Good project of steemit, i like it and i like your post,,

Yeyy!! Finally, someone just brought everyone in a well unified steem project locations!! Thanks. :-)

Blockchain & The Steem Platform have changed this life I own for the better.


I immediately went in to check if there is steemprojects page on steemprojects.com... There is! You've covered your bases well: https://steemprojects.com/projects/p/steemprojects/ good job.

Seriously though, great project!

Amazing stuff and much needed post...
thanks for your guidance:)

yes , great news ,
Happy steeming .

nice post my my fellow

Hello @noisy and the whhole team of steemprojects, what a surprise to have found this post. I am new to this social network and it is quite interesting to find people who publish interesting content. I congratulate you. Greetings and blessings.

Its so usefull for the beginner to increase their account. They can built more creativity..

Very nice article

Good project for steem, I really like it and I like your post, good luck


excelent project for steem and great idea for us. Is a opportunity for mature in this world full of surprises. thanks!!!!

Wow nice informasi bro, i like it @noisy

Great idea! Let's show everyone how big is this community! The best post i've seen in a while, resteemed!

Good job @noisy.

Just a question: all projects have to be open source?


No, however open-source projects will always be ranked higher in search results, reputation score (in next release) and being open-source will always be a plus in comparison grids.

This is exactly what i was looking for! amazing effort people!

Thanks for this incredible information, it is very useful.

Great Post!

This is great. Keep it up guys.

thank you, your post is very helpful.... please follback me

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so much value you're adding to the community, I hope to do better

Good project of steemit, i very like it,,

Great initiative, we get to see copycats and idea thieves at a glance with this amazing tools too. Big ups to the team.

Congratulation @noisy and your team !

i'm new to steemit and i will be posting daily food picture and some recepi.

THANK YOU!!!!! You have just made my Evernote list of all these related sites/tools/projects obsolete. There are so many cool projects out there and I always feel like I’m missing the boat because I haven’t stumbled upon the “right” project. This is so helpful! Bravo! ❤️👍🏻💃🕺

Great Great,this is good@noisy

Is there a steem PHP api?

This is remarkable effort, i appreciate you.

amazing post ! thanks :)

Well, that surely will increase attention drawn to STEEM,

Thanks for your good work!

your photos look great.
please help me vote post

Heard about this a little before. This news can bring about a vast change in the seemit community. Damn excited to see the change.

Great information and helpful content. I appreciate your post, a good post is what someone can get from it👍🏻

Great nice work y my friend

It's a useful tool!

Wuaoo excellent publication I love very complete all the information, I vote and I follow you

The very beginning of Steem Excellent.

Freaking aweseome! Aggregation FTW.

nice please uvote my pos ..

Thank you for this eye opening post. I have really learnt a lot

I like your posts, let me resteem.

love you

Hello Pls vote me pls pls

There is a lot of new information , thanks for your help! And the thanks to your colleagues is very respectful towards them :)

hey, im beginner on steemit I cant attach picture to articles and how I can increase my followers

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steemit based on self-blockchain? or using ethereum network? I'm confused if it's having own blockchain can mine it?


Steemit is working on a blockchain called Steem. Ethereum would not be able to handle so huge number of transaction made by Steem users. Steem blockchain is the most used blockchain in the world:


Data from: https://www.blocktivity.info/

Wow Mr @noisy. You are deep in the flow my sir, You're so blessed. The steemprojects app are so necessary, because every-time I tell one of my friends about steemit for the 1st time, they ask if it is an app? I usually get lost with words at this point so this is very helpful..

very nice post .. continue like this

Thank you so much @noisy for sharing such a post and giving such a vast knowledge related to steem.

I like your post


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Thank You! ⚜

Very good projects. Keep it up buddy

Hello How r u I have given u Already vote check out pls dnt mind Vote me pls pls dear

Fantastic project! I've wanted something like this ever since I started actively working in the Steem dev community.


I am glad that you like it! :)

Thank you for the post ^_^. This is what I've been looking for a while and for us to knw what steemit project out there.

This is lovely! Thought about something like that for a while and now it's here! Thanks - together we are power!

good job

Hi @noisy thank you for this great project. I messaged you in steemchat about becoming a moderator.

Thank for information. I hope steemit indonesia community make it reality at meet up aktivities.

That's a very great initiative.

noisy, thanks for doing this. For new users especially my 5 daughters, Steemit without app enhancements is going to be challenging. upvoted and resteemed

I had no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes! So much info to digest. I haven’t even put a scratch on the surface. Thank you for putting this together. This is a valuable resource for all.


I know what you have in mind. I manually added or evaluated all projects which are now listed on SteemProjects. I was amazed at least few dozens of times.

I think my list of favorites projects is self-explaintionary :)


Thanks for the information was very faint

I'm glad that you finally make it alive :) I'm just sad that I couldn't help you with testing due to lack of time and all my duties. I hope you will be generously rewarded for all your efforts in the nearest future. Great job. Cheers!

This is awesome!!

Thank you for sharing this article, so happy to see many more new projects being built.

I have given up on DTube after 2 weeks and watching and trying every possible way to upload to the platform so I am very happy that I can now try other platforms.

Great Work!!

nice miges

The part I really like is the project searching. It makes it easier for newbies to find their favorite projects as quick as possible.

This publication would please many users, as this clears doubts and in turn they can be attentive to the projects and post them later, good post and I know that many will be happy for your clarification.

Wow! your Article is full of information, especially for newbies. I will recommend SteemProjects.com to my friend on other social media as well. Thanks for such a good post.

In the mean time I am going to introduce myself. I was your follower form my old account, but unfortunatley I lost access to my account and Now I m working on this account. My name is Imran Khan and I am working for PodinaTutorials.com

Finally live. I've been looking forward to this, such a big improvement over steemtools. Thanks for your guidance along the way of our @steemmakers project. Resteemed with great pleasure!

You have a very good concept here. Your project is going to be our fav as time goes on. Yes
my current situation with a little reputation is very poor.
I am not feeling the good weather of steemit .
I felt like going off when i got punished but you guys are very motivating.
I wish you help me get back on my grind.
Together we succeed

Congratulations @noisy!
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This is a really nice innovation and a big plus to steemit.
I just checked it out and I'm really impressed. The graphic design is perfect, the page and contents layout, including other features are also perfect.
I'm really happy about this development.
KUDOS to the developers, More grease to your elbows👍

Best information sir... nice blog

This is really amazing work done here.I looked through and searched my favourite project ie steem.supply is included in the list.It has helped me a lot to show my people here in Uganda the estimated money to be made from each post.

I am amazed by the many projects in the steem blockchain and thanks for the time you took to compile all this for us.

Ciekawy projekt, pozdrawiam z Filipin

  ·  3년 전

You really are a hard worker. Creating a directory ain't an easy job. I do hope that the community appreciates. I do commend your effort. Be blessed.

  ·  3년 전

Great to see this project evolve! The better steemtools.com...

it will help for us

I am interested your post your great.

I really like this project

Thanks for the write up! It helps newer users like myself find all the applications in one place.. :)

Wow! This will be one of the most helpful addons to steemit! I love it

Well done dude! Thanks.

Best of luck 👍

Congratulations!! excellent post, I will always read you

Oh wow! This is awesome!

great project. Looking forward for it.

This looks super handy! Thanks for all your hard work!

This is absolutely awesome. I've been looking around for something like this for a long time and I'm glad somebody was finally able to fill the gap in the market!

Hey @noisy, thank you for creating SteemProjects - as someone who is only starting to build a project based on the STEEM blockchain, it is great to see a platform where I may be able to list my project when it is developed.

I think that you would have enough support to run as a witness. I will definitely vote for you if you do! By the way, I messaged you on Steemit Chat about becoming a moderator!


as someone who is only starting to build a project

Make sure, you will study all programming tools available, build by a community:

There is also plenty of examples. Majority of a projects listed there are also open source - so you will have a lot of examples :)


Thanks! I actually won't be developing it - I'll be building it from a business perspective! Thanks for the advice though, I do a bit of development so I'm going to check it out anyway :)

I was there to see you talk about this at Steemfest and I got a preview when I saw you working on it beforehand. This ecosystem is amazing. I'm excited to see what innovative ideas people come up with


Well done for the initiative! I've been always missing a central hub for all the projects.

Thank you! I needed this...

This is a very useful tool!! thanks for share @noisy !

This is such a good idea! Cheers to you for putting this altogether. This is going to be so useful. Thank you

Great post @noisy.
It is very helpful.

This is worth and even investing in the projects to build our steemit community.

Thanks for the initiative to see our talents and potentials come out

Congratulations ta all the people for the great job they made!! Im very new on steemit but i already love it!!! I recently start to use esteem and steepshot and both of the are very good apps!! I also like steem chat bec i received a big help there!!!

creative and innovative. It's important for better life of steemit

This is very cool - nice work!

I dig the uncluttered design and easy categorization - a searchable + editable catalogue like this was well overdue!

I've read your post is very good, I tetarik read it ,,, hope it useful for those who visit
FOLLOW @ajaa23 yes

Genial... Muy Interesante, Habra que iniciar en el..Muchas gracias

Upvoted and resteemed boss... This is comprehensive and helpful to all steemians especially us minnows. Thanks so much for sharing.

Cool. Added to bookmarks. I tested a little, it works quickly and very informatively. I recommend

The era of new internet is here.

Dobra robota - dzięki !!!

I have already found 3 or 4 amazing Steem Project that I didn't know about before. Steemit needs more people like you @noisy, great job!

Good thanks information

Wow it's nice having such platform around. Which helps the steemit community grow and give insights on what's going on and projects on ground.

Facebook to. I love this its a great idea.
Keep the great work up.
images (13).jpeg

Veru good project of steemit,,
I like it, be succes,,
Vote my post @noisy

Very good project of steemit, i like your post,,
Vote my post @noisy,,


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Thank You! ⚜

One of the best posts I have seen in a long time! This directory is amazing and the ability to favorite projects is an awesome tool!

this is actually a much needed platform in the community...thanks to you and your team👏🏾

Good project of steemet, i like it,,
Be secces,,

woww!! Very useful information.
Thanks @noisy, @andrejcibik, @lenka21, @perduta and @fervi.
Keep up the good work.
Upvote and reesteemear

Wow. Soo Innovative!! Keep it up!!

Superb innovation....i hope those stupid pins eouny stop me e

Sorry, that kind of practice is going on. That is not a good thing for any of us. Because i'm just getting started on Steemit.

hoo la navaja suiza para steemit una gran herramienta.

Is this official from steemit or community member work?

What should I say?


Fantastic Steemproject .. noisy!

How can I be a tester?

  ·  3년 전

This I loved. Excellent work. Congratulations!.

very great project

Great information @noisy. Thanks for sharing it here. :)

very useful putting everyting in one single click.. salut

Hello steemians , i'd like to thank @noisy and his team about this great project, realy I find it very very important especialy for begginers and also prof.
I can say that's very helpful to know more about steemit and will make all steemians proffetional more than before . Thank you again and god protect and bless youu.

Peace for you all.

Keep it up!! Looks nice going to look onto it now

please help me

That could be super helpful :) Good job !

This is really wow. I have just joined steemit not even up to three days and this is my first interaction. This project is going to be so useful. I have seen some project there that will help me as a beginner. thanks a lot for sharing this.
I have resteem this for others to see since my upvote won't give anything.

Much love from @the3princesses.

Your feed is always trending.. @noisy

good post friend I invite you to see my blog

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Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day, and of course you can also get a big jackpot :)

Why do we fall..?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

excelente de esta manera se puede simplificar la búsqueda de los diferentes proyecto e incorporar fácilmente nuevas lineas o ramas de las diferentes categorías, te felicito y al equipo de trabajo por tan genial idea sigan así

help me to succeed like you:)

Very nice post @noisy.

Great post! Very informative, I sometimes get lost on this platform.

Thanks, very good writing.
The information I've been waiting for from steemit users!

Wow, this looks like a great resource for the Steem community, thanks a lot for your hard work!

Nice ! Keep Posting :)

Yeee boiiii, gotta love this directory

Very nice post...Support you!

really cool!!

Bereh that neu peutrang maslaha nyan

Kudos @noisy on this phenomenal project. I like the concept alot and I'll be following it very meticulously to know how it pans out.

I also appreciate your wife too (@lenka). It's rare to find women who are as supportive this days.

Keep it rolling mate!

This is just what I was looking for - thanks!

lovly post.like u steemit job

Thanks this is such an awesome project. Thanks for doing it. Makes it easier for everyone!

What a great idea! It's always good to have stuff like this in a central place.

This is CoOL man! I love it.

appreciated work :) Going great ...

very nice post, you are a good writer , thank you, sir, for good post you can https://steemit.com/blog/@futureplan/they-have-lost-the-oscar

You and your team are awesome, and your efforts are greatly appreciated!
Thanks very much!

  ·  3년 전

love it!!

A brilliant directory of key innovations and services. I no longer need to categorise & maintain bookmarks. Thank you!

Wahoo !! Great skill from you more skill. To be a moderator what are the basic skill to acquire ?


I will write a post about that Tomorrow - stay tuned :)

nice i joint this

Great contribution @noisy! Thank you for creating this, looks sleek!

excellent tool

Steemit is the bitconnect of social media. The content, community and platform are all garbage. It is a complete Ponzi Scheme and wiil be worthless soon.

This is great! This is one thing I've been waiting for. It's good to have all tools in one place at least we know now where to go if we want to find out something about steem network.

I'm beginner on steemit can any body help me

I'm beginner on steemit can any body help me

many many good post

This is a big help for those who are new, like me. Thank you so much for putting it all in one place.

This is a big help for those who are new, like me. Thank you so much for putting it all in one place.

Wow! What a huge undertaking!

Thank you for taking this on and for pulling this together!!!

I think it really is so important for people to understand the scope of SteemIt and the projects it has inspired... I know I'm so impressed and I'm still just scratching the surface.

When you step back and look at what you have pulled together and all the projects already underway in just two short years and then take a moment to project ten or twenty years into the future... Well it's just plain exciting!!

Again, thank you!!

Appreciate the post, Thanks @noisy

Amazing work guys. It such a useful site I am surprised that no one made this before. With thousands and growing Steem projects we need a proper catalogue of them!

thanks given information of steemit project.

Steemit very good, and i like this so much,,

Nice post u put a lot of effort !

good one.....loved to be part of it

So nice mate. Thanks for your explanation. I love so much how you thanfull your mates and people you love. I mean, this is how this should work in all aspects.

Talking about the post, i find it so interesant. It looks so good. But maybe you could make more intuitive the comparision steem apps. Even so it looks so nice all this. Especially dynamics searches and categories browsers!!!

Always in great achievement putting some positive news in this platform.

This project will definitely good for all Steemians

wow great

Great work, the apps look great and can help with a lot , to find information on what steemit is all about, even in the back end. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to help others.

Good post!