Are You Kraken Like a Tree?

4년 전

This is our Kraken, from the book The Manual of Aeronautics. This time, we will not copy the drawing exactly as it is, but we will just use it as a reference or basis for making a completely new one. I've thought, hey it's Christmas, how bout a Christmas squid?


Let us Start!

The only materials I uses for this drawing are the following:

  • Sketch Pad
  • Ink Pen
  • Pencil
  • Eraser


We started off by sketching all the rough outlines we will use for the Kraken. The body, tentacles, the Star at the top, Christmas balls, and a ribbon around it.


I began adding details to the 'Christmas' balls here, and I've also fully drawn the Star.


More Christmas balls with different designs: random face, scary face, snowman, santa.


I've inked the ribbon here. And made some of the balls clearer.


On this part, I have completely drawn the ribbon that goes around the squid.


Squid tentacles are being drawn here. As well as its eye.


And on this part, I was able to finish all the outlines that makes up the squid. Here are close-up photos:


I've already added details onto its face and some other parts.


More details added in this part, I like using circles to shade some parts:


Here's what the drawing looks up top:


On the following are finishing touches:

I lost Photoshop from my laptop so I wasn't able to make touch-ups on the following photos, I apologize, they're all raw shots of my drawing.

I've used stippling and cross-hatches to add some shadings on our Kraken. I have also decided to add waves all through-out its body. Initially, I meant it to look like the Steem logo but it's easier and looks better this way:


I have completed the texture of his body here and added some shadows here and there.


This is the final image, the Christmas Tree Kraken has been born!


Christmas Tree Kraken


I hope you enjoyed my art! Steem on!

All images original, edited or photographed by @artofsteempunk.

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felicitaciones acabo de ver tu arte y eres muy creativo me gustaria participar en este concurso y que puedan ver mi humilde arte mi voto desde venezuela espero me puedas seguir tambien

It's so much fun. Thanks for sharing. I will try :) I have a share of your liking, if you look, maybe you will like it :)

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The very interesting post

Nice, ang creative. :)

  ·  4년 전

wow! so detail