Mail drop number 2!

9개월 전

Someone tell me no next year! Just kidding its been a blast.


Alright, so the one thing that I didn't plan was getting these rounds so late in the year. This has been rough, tough and enjoyable. Being in retail this is a bad time to be going to the post office with 28 international packages. To say the least it took a little time to get these babies mailed today.

But it's done!

Hopefully everyone will recieve these by Christmas. There are still a few that needs to be mailed out from the @smooth contest give away but that will happen tomorrow. Sorry I did not have everyones address until today.


So whats next?

I am ready to see some unboxing post. I've seen 2 so far and I am sure by Friday all US steemians will have theirs and getting the post ready.

I want to thank everyone again, for trusting me with this project.

Have an awsome night!!


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You are the Man Ray!! I'm in "close the year mode" and working from my home office. I can't wait to hear that doorbell.

@cryptospa this guy!

I got mine yesterday! Thank you so much ray 😁

Bravo big daddy! — and thank you for stepping up for SSG and getting the work done like the big boss man you is.
Long live SSG 👊😎🍍🕺

Thanks! Got mine today!

Awesome man, thanks for all your hard work this year. Looking forward to getting the round :)

Friday thats awesome, I'm already looking forward to next year!!!😀

You have done an awesome and amazing job! I'm not sure I would have wanted that job for myself, lol! Thank you for all of your time and effort. Have a wonderful night.

Da iawn Mr B. Ti wedi gwneud gwaith ardderchog. Diolch yn fawr am popeth

You may need to Google translate that!!

You ROCK! Thank you again for getting this done!

Kapow! 💥

Done and dusted.

Thanks for doing this! Looking forward to seeing this show up!

I can’t wait till I get mine! Thanks for everything that you do.. 🥰🌺🤙

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I have moved so is discord a good way to get ahold of you?

I'm hoping they get forwarded with my mail forwarding but just wanted to give you a heads up in case they get sent back.

Hi @raybrockman! I am sending you a DM on discord concerning the Steemround. Thanks

May I know what's a COA? And if a number is reserved does it mean it's already paid for or can I still buy it? Am planning to buy a coin so do let me know. Also is the 10% discount still good? Thanks!

Heck I just saw it's out of stock on the website. Thought I could still buy one. 😣 I forgot to order. 🤦

Your awesome buddy, great work!

Here is my unboxing video:

Is 267 still available? Sent this to silver-hammer 3 months ago and never heard anything more

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Just got mine today. It looks great!

But, it’s not what I’d ordered. Please check your email for specifics.

Thanks Ray, my steemit round arrived here in the UK today safe and sound, did not get charged any import duty or VAT which was nice. Anyway just wanted to say thank you for oganising and making these beauties a reality, it will be treasured.

Thank you, my friend, for such a tedious and wonderful work.


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