Bring Readers to Steemit from Google Image Search! #12

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How do we get discovered by users searching images in Google? What simple steps do we take to make sure our pictures have a chance to rank high in Google image search? When users find our pictures while searching for images, how easy is it to get a reader on our blog?

Title Every Picture Completely!

This is a REALLY EASY step that a lot of us are tempted to skip in a rush to get our posts up and because we do not realize how much difference it makes. I hope showing this helps motivate us to always take the extra 5 seconds to name our pictures. For example, last night I did a post about Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe in Chattanooga, Tennessee with the following pictures.

Naming pictures.png

Yes it would have saved me about 10 minutes in just using 003832.jpg or whatever the file names were before I edited them. I took the time to edit them into the exact terms I want to rank on because Google image search is often a very easy way to get organic traffic with almost no competition!

For example, I did a post about my family's stay at the Residence Inn Marriott in Nashville SE/Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

Dominating Google Image Search!

Today when I searched in an incognito window to remove bias of my own searches, almost every picture at the top was from my post on Steemit! A picture of me even appears in the results :)

images from steemit in google image search.png

When clicking on a picture, it becomes very easy to get a click to because a double click on the picture or a click to visit site will bring the user to the source.

view image links to visit site.png

With nearly everyone uploading pictures not taking the time to title the pictures completely, ranking in Google image search is often our best opportunity to dominate organic search results almost immediately!

Will this work every time for every place? Of course not. Some image searches have heavy competition making it unlikely to rank at the top right away.

Always Name Images Before Upload!

The idea is to pick the low hanging fruit by always taking the extra couple minutes to name images completely with the understanding that doing this repeatedly will lay a foundation of Google image search traffic to our blogs on Steemit indefinitely!

For the easiest high quality naming, just copy and paste the main text into the name every time with one to three extra words for each unique picture like this!

Naming pictures.png

Name Our Pictures = More Readers for All!

As we each are better about naming our pictures, the total readers we all get will continue to grow as continues to rank higher as a website!

Thank you for reading this quick steem secret here with me which I hope was helpful!

Jerry Banfield

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Nice idea...I will try this next time 😃 Infact, I am excited now to try it. Thanks for the worthy advices...🙏


Hi most respected sir. i need your little help. I want to learn earning method on steemit from you. I belong to a poor family. I shall be thankful to you for this kindness.


Solid idea... Thanks.... now all we need is for someone to make an app for that :)

Hi @jerrybandifield , I really hope you see this comment as I am a bit lost.. Thank you so much for this helpful tips, I have tested out and unfortunately it's not working , is it because I am using to upload my photos..?

always the best seo man thank you @jerrybanfield

It is a great advice @jerrybanfield. It is one of the great ways to popularize Steem and I believe steem is creating one of the top content creators in the world too.

That is an interesting way of bringing people on steem. I will do that from now on.


Sound advice indeed.


Agreed, awesome advice @jerrybanfield I am going to give this a bash for sure. Thanks mate have a super weekend ;)


I was unaware that Google cared about our file upload name. I assumed only keywords in a post was what mattered. We must all name our video files now. No more 0024339.jpg


@redbikk I agree with you, its important to name images so our posts ranks higher and also help STEEMIT to be discovered. Upvoted. @gold84


Another good idea. Jerry will ruin google soon))

I think I speak for everyone here on steemit when I say thank you Jerry Banfield for all you do for this community


Ditto and ditto, and what an amazing community it is. Cheers ;)


yes, thanks @jerrybanfield! I'm a new here and I learned everything steem from you before and after I signed up :-)

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Hi , Great tip. I had heard about this tip for a normal blog but it will be great to super charge steemit. It is also great that so many of us are pulling in the same direction. Fantastic times ahead.
Many thanks

Never even thought about using SEO techniques to get more followers, this is so smart- yet very simple and almost obvious - Thanks for sharing! Do you upload to Google Drive or a third party image holder? :)

Simple. I like simple. Do you have any videos on how you go from camera to post. Like how you save and store your files. Would love to see how you do that.

I appreciate you! Its a great kinda opportunity. Always something fruitful post you shared


Where are You from ?

Hello Jerry Im a local Jetski rental business owner in Bradenton If you ever around I love to pick you brain out on the water with a fun day at Bradenton Water Toys


I do SEO in Jacksonville, FL and I was wondering if steem could be used for local seo. I see you haven't made a post about your business. I wonder if you can do that here and get it ranked easily.

@jerrybanfield, this is such a lateral idea. You're relentless...Steemit should have a yearly award named after you for dedicated promoters of the network. The Jerries.

A very helpful post! I think nearly nobody did think about this before.

Upvoted and resteemed.


PS: With the file manager Total Commander you have a multi-rename tool which is very helpful here.

For the easiest high quality naming, just copy and paste the main text into the name every time...

If you have selected your concerned files then you write your main text once and with one klick you rename them all. Now you could select a few from them and do it the same way with a second level main text which would be appended to the existing file name, and so on.

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An interesting post appointment, this is great. i like this post, this is a good job, if i can appreciate you then i will give power over to your genius here. This is very valuable to me

If an image drives traffic to our steem blog, that doesn't mean necessarily that we are going to get more income unless if the person choose to subscribe in to steem platform.

Good ideas.

I tried to evaluate the content with a Chrome plugin SEOquake.

Search Engine Status for

Search Engine Status for

  1. Text/HTML ratio

4.32% — ouch! Your websites ratio of text to HTML code is below 15%. We suggest adding a lot more text to your website.

  1. Canonical tags also suggested - but that seems to be needing some support from the development team.

One of the unique method to do helping of poor Internet users. Thanks for sharing nice and valuable information.
Have a great day

I upload directly from my phone to imgur. However when I put my pics into the post using markdown, I take that time to title my images, I think this achieves the same thing. But I’m unsure. What do you say @jerrybanfield?

Awesome idea @jerrybanfield, this way you will get some people to join Steemit, this is a good way to expend our community. I will start doing it today. Good observation as always.

You are right, Jerry. I'm gonna try it out

Do you upload them directly on or you upload them on a third party website?

poda nari

wow thanks Jerry what great information! I shall try this out for sure. This is the first of your posts I have checked out and may I say, what a great introduction to who you are! A cool guy =) I am following your blog.
Have a beautiful day.

Great SEO advice Jerry. Followed you and upvote

Why haven't I thought of that before? :)

@jerrybanfield... This is very thoughtful... Thanks for this information

Thanks for sharing the nice write up @ jerrybanfield!

Sky is the limit to bring people to steem on consistent basis.

great job thanks for shearing

Very original post and a good spirit of observation. Thanks for posting things like this and keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for this @jerrybanfield. Naming your images correctly might seem very trivial and not worth the stress for some people, but I want to assure anyone reading this that it is one of the most important factors used by search engines to determine the relevance of a webpage to search queries. Omitting this simple and negligible detail would be a costly mistake in the long run to anyone who plans to send traffic to their steemit blog through search engines. Funny enough, I've been guilty of not doing this too.... @jerrybanfield you rock

This is good news, a news that will add us to know about the advantages of google, thank you for sharing

Thanks for flagging. Excellent point about going the extra mile.

Awesome post as always.


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Very good Article for people who want to learn about the Steemit blog and to the people who want to learn more about Steem.

Amazing post @jerrybanfield. Never thought about it

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this should be on #growthhacking ;)

Awesome information! Thanks @JerryBanfield!

Great post! I'll give it a shot! Cheers

This is a great tip. I post a LOT of pictures and I never gave it much thought when trying to speed through the process. Proper image naming will now be part of every post's preparation checklist. Cheers! @rebele93

Great tip!

I did not know that this also affected image searches.. I knew titles and such could get googles algorithms attention to pop up on the miain page of the search.
Thanks for the info Jerry! You da man!

you never cease to make your readers expressive and creative..thanks a lot @jerrybanfield

You did it again! Great job Jerry :) thank you for sharing.
Best wishes, - @splendorhub

  ·  4년 전

good post and interesting, thanks for sharing for all of us.

This is interesting news, you are right with using this google we are very easy to find pictures or postings we, especially post that has been very long, great post and a dish that is amazing for us at will.

Thankyou for the information, I'll gonna do tgat to my next post

poda nari

I used to manage a number of websites and focused heavily on SEO tricks like this. It was fun for a while, but I lost interest after getting "Google slapped" for having a very affiliate-heavy site. Your post is a great introduction to SEO techniques involving STEEM, so thanks!

Thanks for your info and very important in posting and the image will bring you more veiwers Get info Follow u

THAT is a damn good advice. A BIG thank you!

You do for SEO reasons more or less the same at every website. Similar to use ALT tags at the web!

Now I will alway think to @JerryBanfield whenever I rename pictures...

Thank you Jerry! This is most informative.

You have my vote as witness....

@jerrybanfield Thanks Jerry. Your energy and knowledge amaze. Voted you for Witness.

Great greAt tips .. thanks upvoted .

Thank you very much, it helped me a lot.

you are great sir

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Thanks for the information! Genius!

I'll keep it in my mind

Oh wow! I never thought about using images for SEO. This is a great idea, Jerry! While I use descriptive names for my images, it has never slipped my mind to write the other terms that I want it to rank on. Great tip! Will definitely use it in the future :D

its a needfull thing to me.

Thanks for the tip, I also didn't think to use SEO here. A suggestion for everey one, as you do in your example , if you post some place, add the locations, city, state.. sometimes country. Usually the separator is a dash. Here a link with some other tips.

sounds a great tip. gonna try it out

very helpful post. i do will follow

thanks for sharing

Thanks it is very useful information for anyone who wants to earn extra income from steem.

Good ideas, but here is a challenge for you, Jerry. I am a professional photographer. I make my living from selling prints of my work (among other things). As such, I have my photos all over the web, most of them using the SEO techniques you list above. How then can I benefit from this advice when I post the same photos on Stemit? It's not feasible to go around and point every single copy of my photos on the web to my Steemit page. So... hmmm. Ideas?


I think you start for his method for your New Photos from now on.

it is indeed very helpful! thank you @jerrybanfield! :)

Hey jerry . Awesome man

i didn't know that ...thanks

A best practice would be using commas between the words. Is there a difference between image-title-here and Image Title Here? Thanks in advance!

Amazingly useful and will do this from now on - thanks!

Thats a huge help thanks jerry

ultimate hack. super dope thatnks. for the secret.

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My love... steemit.

wow grate work with your idea ....i like your #steemit post.
i have some new post can check
here @letsmakes

what about slugs and hashtags?

Awesome Information

But will somebody follow me?


I'm following you already dood. Cheers ;)

If the platform allowed affiliate links it would massively increase organic traffic, I had a post flagged by steam cleaners that was 1800 words due to referral links. Now it's on Medium instead getting between 50-100 clicks per day lol

Always golden nuggets of information in Jerry's posts! Awesome!

thank you for the great tips.

How many up votes i can do everyday?
What is limits ?
What is rules ?

Help me um new here.......

Great post Jerry. Will definitely be doing this. I t would be great to see more SEO tips using steem to help get more traffic.

New steemer here. This is the first post that intrigued me enough to click on and I'm grateful I did. I'm passionate about nature and photography. Your advice will serve me well as a new user posting pictures. Now I'll explore how to follow and witness... #upvoted #resteemed @mplsmini

it is very interesting thing that i like......