STEEMSHIPS No 2: The Winner Earns 50% of the Steem Dollars (minimum ȿ5)!

3년 전

steemit steemship logo

The target is to quickly locate my steemships before they cause havoc within the steemit blockchain by letting off too much steam!

Today, the 7 steemships are all named after Steem Witnesses.

The seven Steem Witnesses are included in the list below:

steem witnesses

The steemship words may be hidden:

and they may even overlap!

These steemship captains are crazy navigators!

Simply respond by providing the co-ordinates of each Steem Witness.
For example, the word "pets":
pets 03-L3

steemships witnesses 2

The first correct response below will win half of the steem dollars author reward (or ȿ5 minimum) available on this post. No peeping at other people's answers!


Congratulations to @realme: winner of the first steemships and thanks to everyone who voted.


unedited image source

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Pfunk 1B-5F Jesta 3C- 7G Roadscape 7A- 7I Blocktrades 6K-6A Roelandp 8B-1B Pharesim 8L-1L Riverhead 4O-4G


Congratulations on winning the second steemships contest. I liked your colourful steemships image. Thanks for taking part.


Thank you! It was an interesting contest! I'm sad it didn't get more attention!


i know im late but managed to play anyways and found:

blocktrades 6k06a


Correct co-ordinates. Better late than never! Thanks for participating.

1 B1-F5 ~ pfunk
2 04 - G4 ~ riverhead
3 C3 - G7 ~ jesta
4 A7 - I7 ~ roadscape
5 L8 - L1 ~ pharsesim
6 K6 - A6 ~ blocktrades
7 B8 - B1 ~ roelandp


Thanks for participating in steemships. @anca3drandom located the steemships first before any steam affected the blockchain.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and voted on this post.
It was an interesting contest where the winner was found after some blockchain analysis on (thanks @roadscape for this site).
Congratulations to the winner @anca3drandom

pfunk 1b-5k is that the right way?


Yes, that's the right way. pfunk B1-F5. Cheers.

"Jesta" 3C - 7G
"Roadscape" 7A - 7I
"Riverhead" 4O - 4G
"Pfunk" 1B - 5F
"Blocktrades" 6K - 6A
"Pharesim" 8L - 1L
"Roelandp" 8B - 1B

I think I'm the first to catch them all :)


:) I think I was the first. You can check to see when you last edited your commment


I edited my comment 15 min ago and then you edited yours 3 more times :)


Thanks for participating in steemships. @anca3drandom located the steemships first before any steam affected the blockchain.