Steemit Silverbugs - Guess the Silver price on Market closing next Friday, July 27th / Results of the previous round

3년 전

Welcome to "Guess the Silver Price"!

Also Silver once again took a nose dive, down to a 12 month low. Then on Friday it regained some 30 cent. Sure still a price region worth concidering to add some to the stack...

So the winner this week is.... :


Congratulation, again (!) spot on with $US 15.51
The actual silver price on market close, Friday the 20th, was: $US 15.51

The SBD win will be paid soon after the post reward arrived.
And a big Thanks to all who played!

But now to the new round of the game:

What will the silver price be on market close, Friday, 27th of July 2018 ?

Its all simple and straight forward, and even better: its free!

Here are the rules:

  • Give this post a decent upvote.
  • Make a comment until Wednesday 24:00h GMT, in which you state your estimate of the silver price ($US/oz) on market closing Friday.
  • Make the correct, or nearest to correct, estimate to receive the SBD payout of the post.
  • Dont worry about other people's entries. If more than one person is correct or equally close, the win is shared.
  • Reference for the price is this website:
  • The result and the new game post I will make on Saturday or Sunday.

I'm hoping for a good participation - the more people take part, the bigger is the win! :)
And don't miss the post for the gold version of the game here:

And there is also the original german version of this game, and the one for silver, run by @irrer-ivan

silver photo: pixabay free to use

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Congrats to @fw206 for the win, well deserved.
My guess for next week is 15.87$


Make that a double for @fw206





Winner winner
Chicken dinner 🥘


Yes 😁, hope the series continues.


I’d bet you hit next week 👍