and whoosh just like that the morning was gone!

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well hiya my lovely ssg friends,

let me explain a little, so it's christmas yeah, and I have to put all my efforts, finances etc into providing festive season stuff, therefor I have to wait a little while before I can get any silver :( and I was bored, because you know homeschool broke up for christmas, and I have to wait a little before I can make any silver items, all stuff I had made has gone to new homes already! so what's a woman to do? well I perused my fave group for posts and found my lovely mr stockjockey had left a nice link and a promise for steem monsters.
Well I have to confess I had actively avoided this game on account of how easy it is to befuddle me :) but I was bored..... so I made sure I had paid mr tescodelivery man then I bought some steem monster things and the lovely mr stockjockey kept his promise and there I was surrounded by cards, all very pretty but I was nearly having an Alice in Wonderland moment, I did not have a clue what I was doing
I lost a few battles :) then I won some, then I bought more booster packs, then I did a quest, then I realised I was missing around six hours or so and I have done nothing, well I have done a quest however though I may well be proud of this I don't think it is going to cut the mustard when explaining to the kids why tea will be late...........
Steem monsters is addictive, it's a lot of fun, and I still don't have a clue what I am doing............:) many thanks to mr stockjockey for providing me with my latest obsession :) and my gift,
i think I am bronze level now but don't quote me on that and also it turns out I have a gold? I believe that's good though I dont know why apart from the idea it's lovely and it shined :)
for anyone who wants to have a go at this game be warned you too will experience the strange dissappearance of time, it's like one minute it's morning, the next it's christmas..... anyway here is the very good link from mr jockey himself I highly recommend it

Also a very big thank you to whoever my secret santa is :) I have just recieved it however no picture as I have to confess my youngest daughter took the parcel from me and hid it.........I am terrible for not waiting and will just open it :) so in an effort to keep me from opening it it has been well and truly stashed, I know because I can't find it :) a huge thank you I love secret santa and it is al very exciting!

much love and respect to all ssg the best community there is! and ermm hiya steemmonsters community I am the one who clearly doesn't have a clue on what team to take into battle or how I stop that whooshing ball thing......



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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

So glad your secret santa gift arrived. 👍🎅🎁🎅🎁


me too :) in all my worrying about mr3 i had quite forgotten i was getting a present it was a lovely surprise, now if only i could find where my youngest has put it....... great to hear from you thank you for visting much respect

I tried the monsters thing. But then I started selling all my cards. Because it just didn't appeal to me. But I know a lot of people enjoy it.

I understand now there's rewards for playing though.


i love it :) good card game and i like card games monsters is modern day top trumps :) i like the quests i love the booster packs i have a gold and three epics now i love collecting them plus if i need extra steem i can sell them now that i really like :) its fun and my newest addiction :) thank you for visiting much respect

Understanding this Steemmonsters thing, I have to avoid it. I have little time for it as it is already. If only I had a productive, working, fun spouse I may just have the spare time.
Merry Christmas


hiya lovely so sorry it took this long to get back to you and completely my fault i developed this addiction you see not realising it ate my rc then someone was lovely gave me more rc and i spent that on my addiction too, seriously the life of a monsters addict is hard you know :) i have had two spouses in the past neither were productive, working or fun, i have been single last two years now and have been more productive more hard working and had more fun on my own than i thought was possible plus i dont have some abusive spouse having a go at me i am not one to recommend anything other than independence and freedom :) please do not get me wrong i know there are nice men out there and i am sure some very happy couples its an entirely personal thing, and right now is a perfect example i have done all my chores for now and stuck here for two hours and i am ging to spend that time making a quick post then battling and you know what i love most about that? that i have the freedom to make the choice to 'waste' my time playing games if i want to, no one to have a go at me :) i love it :) thank you for visitning my lovely friend i really appreciate and love hearing from you hope you have a wonderful day my full respect to you

@beckieg What I like Best about Steemmonsters is that we are involved at the beginning stages and a lot of it is confusing to many people still. Those people are Discouraged but once they take the time to understand how it all works then they will gravitate back to the Game. Thank you for your kind Words and have a Merry Christmas.....


cnt talk got a battle to go to :) seriously i love mosters best game on the blockchain! anyway going to try and be good do a post before i go battle but the quest is due............... thank you for visiting i appreciate it my full respect to you mr stockjockey


Thank You @beckieg those are Very Kind Words.........So Many Different Possibilities coming to the Steemmonsters and I am sure we will be glad we are here..............

@beckeig -
I had delegated some SP to @gdwcoins a while back after his steem monsters addiction cost him all of his RC's. Now that he built back up his account he said the delegation is no longer needed. I asked who he knew that could use a boost he mentioned you! I just delegated 50 SP to you to help your account grow, and give you the option of dropping a few more comments or playing more steem monsters. Enjoy!


woohoo i can go battle :) huge thank you and to gdwcoins as well yup i was down to 20 something rc i didnt realise it cost rc lol huge thank you again gotta run i have a battle to attend :) huge respect to you