just don't...............

2년 전

blame it on the sunshine

blame it on the moonlight

blame it on the good times........

blame it on the monsters! now admittedly the above picture is not a steem monsters pic but I didn't want to go incurring any copyright wrath and there was no steem monsters pics on pixabay so you got a vampire because I have just got a vampire card :) yup dear ssg friends what can I say I love this game and readily admit I have done nothing beyond my chores all other time has been spent glued to my laptop, the kids laugh because all you can hear is ;
hit him!
for gods sake why are my monsters not attacking?
what did you hit him for ? look that one is on one life hit him for gods sake he would be dead by now
yes yes yes i got ya down you go
hah take that
omg i might win this one
theres always the next battle

and so my life has gone the kids ask me where is this or that and the reply they get is; omg no she had one of those resurrection angels damnit........ i have fed them and got them to college i have cleaned my home i have done my chores...........all in the quickest time possible so I can go battle :) seriously if you like card games, games with a good dose of competetive spirit, you should have a go it's a lot of fun
I promise on sunday I will do a none monsters related post :)
I started with the jacksons and I shall end with the jacksons

I is off to battle have an excellent day !


images from pixabay

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@beckieg Just Get UP and Dance !!

Michael and the Monsters, How Cool is That ??

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