well that went quickly...

2년 전

well it just shows how time flies when you're having fun

not one of my cats :) but it is having fun, so what am I on about? well it's apparently........


so a whole year in steemland, and in all honesty I don't feel like I can claim a year because when I first made the account I didn't know what to do with it and didn't post for three months I think it was, but officially it's my steemday.
It's been quite an experience, it's good points; for one it utilises the blockchain and I am a very much in support of anything using blockchain, I like the fact that it isn't censored, I like the idea there are ways of making some money on here, I like the blocktrades feature, I like steemonsters :) that is one damn good game :) and well the best and main reason for me being here on steem is the same one I always give~ the fact that it has the steemsilvergold community, that to me is the best reason for staying so in the year I have spent here I am glad I did because I met the ssg community.
For me it's somewhere to keep up with those people I am interested in and I have found my tribe so to speak, my life is very busy and I look to steemit, ssg, and steemmonsters to relax, wind down, chat with friends. On occasion I may even write a story :)
To me what makes steem a winner, what makes it somewhere I keep returning to and the one reason that I would recommend the place itself is quite simple; it's the people, that's it, for me it's the friends I have made here and for that reason alone steemit is a good thing for me and I will continue to be here , to buy steem and power up

steemit ~ it doesn't matter why I came, or that I don't understand it's inner workings, it's the fact that here I find like minded people that I can relate to and communicate with, and if I am lucky I get to win sir welshstacker on the battlefield :)
happy steemday to me :)

many thanks to ssg community for being the friendliest community here on steemit and for steemmonsters for giving me a good reason as to why I am fighting with monsters at 3am :)



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🎂 happy♨️ day!!


hiya mr elvis :) lovely to hear from you and yup i am wondering does this make me a steem elder or something :) is there a title :) it does feel like i should win some kind of award though more a sort of hey congrats you survived a year of steem :) perhaps a certificate or something :) a pat on the back , mug of horlicks ...........ok i digress, and i really want some horlicks :) hope your day is going well i have many teenagers here on account of it also being my second daughters 18th birthday, i may be fighting monsters long into the night :) thank you for visiting, respect

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Funny, I signed on in August 2017 commenting but haven't posted until Spring 2018. So it would be really coming up a year for me soon, so you're not the only one to procrastinate.


you are definitely a steem elder :) technically youre two makes my paltry year seem like nothing :) lovely to hear from you my gorgeous friend i hope you are well, i have to clear up my wee home after my daughters 18th yesterday and its freezing! i am not made for cold weather i constantly tell the kids i am moving to the maldives or jamaica or bali anywhere warm and lovely :) i maybe english but i am not made for english weather :) thank you for visiting me my full respect to you

Happy Steemiversary @beckieg!


hey mr damus how excellent to hear from you, i hope you and your loved ones are well and happy, thank you for visiting me i appreciate it i hope you have warmer weather where you are its so cold here i refuse to go out unless i really have to :) stay warm, respect

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