2 oz and 1oz Perth Mint silver mouse

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Hi Steemit

These are the 2 oz and also the 1 oz Lunar silver mouse year 2020 from Perth Mint. Some mint call it rat. But this one says mouse on the coin. This one uses my new Samsung s10e phone. Can't really tell much difference. Maybe it would be different for sceneries. But not going travelling anytime soon


The other side is the Queen and legal tender values. The 2 oz seems huge . Some 2oz coins are thicker instead of wider. I prefer the wider versions as appear huge. But would be harder to stack as the size differential


A closer look at the 2 oz coin


And now the 1 oz


The world market is crashing. Precious metals don't move much though. Crypto is also going down. That's why it is important to diversify your assets. I often hear people go all in, that's just too dangerous . You should always hedge your bets. Just in case

Do you think this is it?

Thank you for viewing and be prepared

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Nice coin!

Bad crash around the world! Black swan!?

Have to hold tight!


thank you kaminchan, everything is down even crypto and precious metals too. I think Jim rogers is right, people will run to cash first because they think it is safe, and then will be back to precious metals


I hope so! It’s red all over the place!
This coronavirus is driving people really crazy! They are printing more money so hold should go up!

Hold on tight!!
It’s a long journey.

AWESOME, and I love it. The 4-piece size set was the first one I acquired for 2020. I am so behind.... I have to show mine!!!! But it is in a queue! I figured that Spring or Summer would be a great time to show them when they have gained more premiums, hehehe.
Thanks for sharing my friend @djohan! STACK ON 🥰🌺🤙

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thank you silversaver888, silver is down in price too following everything else, maybe a good time to purchase more



thank you goldcoin


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I haven't even got last year's Perth Zodiac yet as I had some serious cash flow issues almost all year. If I had a reliable, thrifty and gainfully employed spouse things may easily be different.

My PM's are my off grid hedge, along with my 25 year shelf life food, Berkey water filter system, solar power generator, weapons and Coconut scented hand sanitizer with Vitamin E for skin health..

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thank you kerrislravenhill, wow that's a good preparation, should only buy precious metals with money you don't need and want to put aside for the future. I haven't got power generator yet, only solar panel that will be off during power outage , need to upgrade but very costy

I just want to hold my BTC position cuz im long on it anyways. Sold some Kyber for Decred last week.


thank you kevbot, it looked like a bull market just a few days ago, and now we are rekt again. lol. But everything is down even the precious metals. Jim rogers has been saying, when the market crash people will run for safety into USD because they think it is safe haven, so that's why i think many billionaires are holding cash

Nice coin. I don't know the difference between rat and mouse. Anyhow thanks for sharing pics and gif images. @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes it's same in other languages, maybe rat is the big mouse. lol

love the design on it


thank you doitvoluntarily, Perth mint always produce the nicest coins

Very cool... I love these little mouse coins. I got a roll of 1oz and 2 rolls of 1/2oz when they first came out... 🐭🐭🐭

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thank you anchormetals, wow that's nice, i don't have much spare cash so only bought 1 or 2 coins per design

Also, soon we will be able to transfer our consciousness between humanoid bodies like your recent phone :D


humanoid sounds like videogames. lol

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