2020 Austrian Philharmonic

6개월 전

Hi Steemit

These are the 2020 Austrian Philharmonics silver coin and the 2019 South African Krugerrand. I actually ordered 2 Philharmonics but the dealer ran out and swapped it with Krugerrand. The design doesn't change every year. I prefer new design every year makes it more fun to collect


The other side shows the year and the legal tender value


A closer look at the Philharmonic coin


And the Krugerrand


Just noticed the buyback price starts to be above spot price too, but many dealers should be in lockdown too. So could be no new coins for a few weeks

Do you think the lockdown will be effective against the virus?

Thank you for viewing

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I had that one too, prices for silver went down quite hard not long ago


Thank you Bitcoinman, that's only paper price that went down. The physical is actually up. you can check prices at the dealers


thats very interesting, has something like this happened before ? I know spot price is usually a bit more than the market price

you have great collection of coin. Thanks for sharing pics and gif image @djohan


Thank you kamchore . Just a little at a time

That's most awesome designs of Austrian Philharmonic coins. Front and back looks so nice.
Yeah..I think lockdown will be more effective for control Covid-19. If not more people can infect those virus.


Thank you madushanka. Yes less contact will be less spreading for virus. But businesses will suffer too

Wow! Things are moving fast!
I think they are running out of coins soon!

Your investment is such a wise move!
I wish I had someone teaching me about investment several years ago!



Thank you kaminchan, yes must be hard to deliver coins. Most dealers have a long wait time or sold out or selling very high price

That is great money saving and great work.
Thanks @djohan
Have a nice day.


Thank you goldcoin


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I think it will be effective. At the same time, i really dont know whats really happening apart from what the media is telling us.


Thank you kevbot. Yes we will never know fully what is really happening. Yes it should help reduce the spreading but many businesses have to close and suffer losses

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do you ever buy any online? and if so, which do you find to be the best spot?