2020 silver Koalas

5개월 전

hi Steemit

These are the 2020 1 Oz silver Koala coins from the Perth Mint. There is a little P beside the Koala. Not sure what that means. Probably Perth?


The other side of the coins. The Queen and 1 dollar legal tender


A closer look at the Koala coin


During this lockdown, we can still buy cryptos, but not precious metals as cannot be delivered. I remember watching some debates about which assets are better during a crisis. But problem is there are thousands of cryptos and we are not sure which ones will survive.

Do you hold more precious metals or cryptos?

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Wow amazing to see at your both places. Wish you best of luck in both places. Thanks for sharing pic and gif images @djohan. All the best


thank you kamchore, yes still hard to decide, hive might have more comminities, but steem may have more connections with celebrities, so has to be in both

The "P" is for Perth Mint. All coins would have the mark of the mint where it is produced, although the Panda does not have mint marks and there are extensively produced throughout China, I think the have Chinese govt mint all over. All U.S. coins have mint marks, and those without are U..S coins produced from the Philadelphia Mint.
Beautiful Koalas, @djohan! Thanks for the show.
Be safe and take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙


thank you silversaver888, I didn't know that although i had a guess P would meat Perth. I am also collecting the panda coins when i visit China as much more expensive outside.

Nice silver round. Top 10 cryptos will survive, except Stablecoins! I think.


thank you kaminchan, that's interesting, i actually don't like the top 10 coins as some are bitcoin copies and some are Ethereum competitors, and there is stable coin also in top 10


Very interesting! I would have thought the coin that clones Bitcoin should be okay like Litecoin!

Ya, those coins printed by bankers are very doubtful but they are going to do well as other banks will be forced to follow!

I have very few cryptos so I am trying to get more Bitcoin when I could.

Thank you for sharing!



thank you goldcoin


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Hi @djohan ,I choose the bear side, it is a joke , the queen is very elegant and knows how to wear the crown perfectly.


thank you martha75, yes the Queen is really elegant too and the Queen side gives the coin more value as it can be passed as 1 dollar legal tender value

On another social platform, I am a sucker for cute Kitty pictures, cute Koalas come a pretty close second.


thank you kerrislravenhill, yes Koalas are really cute animals and also pandas

She had a good speech about the virus :)

I hold only cryptos and stocks. Gold looks like its at ATH,congrats!


thank you kevbot, i hope you don't hold oil, it went negative. I thought there was a typing error

Hola @djohan, están chulas… El mercado de cripto esta sube y baja será difícil…

Hi @djohan, they're cool... The crypto market is up and down it'll be tough...

Greetings @djohan, that well you managed to acquire them, on the other hand with the crypto currencies we will have to invest only what we are willing to lose.

Están lindas… y realmente son de este año…

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